Friday, September 01, 2006

I hate it when my credit card slips...

I was innocently browsing blogs this week when I came across this
at Knit and Tonic. I was actually skimming until I saw the words "Silky Tweed" and "cheap." So what did I do? I hustled over to Webs and bought a sweater's worth in color 16 (shade cards here.) Oops. No project in mind (which is the worst!) though I'm trying to decide whether it would work for Rogue, which is by the same designer as Eris. I love Eris, I've loved knitting it, once I finally finish it I think it will be my work sweater for the winter to deal with the sudden temperature changes in my office!

There is no further progress to report on Eris, though I did take an in progress picture to show you the fit:

This post is supposed to be about a different WIP though, the Highland Triangle Shawl from Folk Shawls for my mother. This is the yarn we bought from Joslyn's Fiber Farm at Yarnover. The heat broke this week, so I'm trying to get a few rows a night in.

This is where I was as of last weekend.

The tip of the shawl, stretched out so that you can see the pattern.

The giant ball of yarn with the shawl in progress, with a quarter between them for scale. The background is the futon that was previously yours, which I bought a new cover for.

This weekend we're going to the State Fair and enjoying the long weekend before my crazy week next week. I'm off to call you to discuss Artyarn purchases!

Say hi to the mommy!

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