Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sock Summit!

I'm so glad you dragged me to Sock Summit (though to be honest, I was pretty happy to be dragged!).

Following is a selection of photos, with more to come (I haven't photographed all my yarn yet!).

Flying into Seattle:

Name Badge:

Portland welcomes Sock Summit:

Delicious cupcakes from Saint Cupcake:

Book Signing with Nancy Bush(!)

Ravelry Party! With Shetland Triangle Shawls:

Barbara Walker and her AMAZING lecture:

Matching yarn:

Matching Socks (and Clogs!):

My spinning class with Abby and Denny, who are hard to take pictures of since they're always moving! Sandi Wiseheart was in the class too (but I'm choosing not to post the picture I took of her, since apparently I can't make it non-blurry). After accosting her in the elevator when we first got there, it was nice to have her in class!

Sock Team overlooking the Marketplace:

The amazing luminary panel:

Steph and Tina doing thank-yous, just before singing Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Zimmerman.

I'm still jet-lagged, and need to go through all the new yarn tonight, but it was a fantastic trip!