Friday, April 25, 2008

Blogiversary #2!

Can you believe it? We missed our blogiversary! Yes, that's right. We started this humble blog 2 years ago this month. Not only that, but we're approaching our 400th post!

Who would have thought, 2 years ago when you were packing to move to Alabama, that we'd still be blogging 2 years later?

I'm working to redeem my blogging credentials by posting twice this week. Since my Central Park (non) Hoodie is not portable anymore, I've started taking Elizabeth's Baby Soft Cardigan everywhere, which does miracles for progress. It's also been a long time since I knitted baby stuff, and so it feels like it's going very fast. See?

I did extend the button band down to make it longer- we'll see if it pays off proportionally.

Also, there's quite a bit more spring in my garden:

Though to counteract those signs of spring, we're predicted to get an inch of snow tonight. Apparently, this winter is determined not to give up. We've also had quite a bit of rain the last few days, so everything is magically green all of a sudden.

But really, can you believe it's been 2 years?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flan's Turn to Catch Up

Apparently April isn't a good month for blogging for me, since I just checked, and I last posted in March! I've got no news as exciting as yours (an AUNTIE!), but here's a sampling of the past few weeks:

Lots of work...but when I wasn't working, I knitted:
  • Central Park (non)Hoodie: Sleeves done, body done, button bands knit. 1 sleeve set in, the other partially set in. Collar (no hood for me!) stitches picked up, but I decided that I couldn't figure out the appropriate length of the collar till the sleeves were fully set in,
  • Baby Soft Cardigan (times 2!). One for Harmony is cast on and I'm working on the first front. I'm about to cast on for a second one (for Elizabeth, the beautiful daughter of K&B), and I'm going to try knitting the body in one piece.
  • Monkey Socks: ripped out! Wrong size! I haven't decided what to do next.
  • All other projects: Untouched due to all the work.
So in the past month, we went to Iowa to see Mike's cousin play hockey:
And the mascot rode a unicycle on the ice:

We went to the Minnesota zoo, and saw the dolphin show:

And I got my picture taken with a (brass) tiger family:

And a brand new (less than a week old), baby camel:

And spring came to my garden!

I'm plotting my next adult sweater project- I'm thinking Sunrise Circle Jacket (which, for those who don't know, is a limited time free download from Interweave as one of the 5 Reader's Choice patterns), in some lovely Burgundy Cascade 220.

I'm also plotting Mike's kilt hose. I've swatched the stockinette, and now need to swatch the cable pattern....

I'm terribly behind on the ABCalong, since I still need D, E, F, G, H, and now I!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

How to Make Your Sister's Heart Stop

Hey Flan,

As I told you via email- I'm going to be an Auntie! Here's how I found out:

I was at work as I usually am on Wednesday nights. When on the way out of work I noticed there were TWO missed calls from The Brother as well as a voicemail that said "call me NOW." I started seriously freaking out. Our parents were visiting him and I couldn't remember if they were flying out that night (hence potential plane crash senarios) or the next day (hence potential car crash senarios).

When he answered his phone I demanded "what is going on?" He countered with "What are your plans for Christmas?"

Thinking one, the other or both of our parents had met with some unspeakably terrible fate and then be asked about our plans for the holidays threw me just a bit. After I ascertained that all parents were fine he said I was going to be an Auntie at Thanksgiving. Whew.

MAN- I tell you I can work up a really good freak out in no time. If anyone out there ever needs emergency preparedness senarios to practice they should just call me up. Also, I'm extremely prepared in case of natural disaster.

Back to the story, the conversation with him mostly consisted of "Ohmygoodness!" followed by "stork! stork! stork!" I then called The Mommy who didn't answer and then The Sister and our entire conversation was the two above sentiments along with "I know!"

The Mommy then called back and I had the "ohmygoodness!" "I know!" conversation all over again. Anyway, we're all very excited about the 15mm peanut and this Christmas might be spent fawning over a month old infant.

I told them not to worry about names yet but that they could name it after me if they wanted to.

What to do when finding out that there's going to be a baby born in WINTER (most favorite knitterly season?) buy some YARN. The WEBS sale is seriously hurting my bank account. I bought some beautiful pewter blue Jaeger cotton and I already have a bunch of bright pink, though I'll probably use the blue regardless of gender.

There has been stunning progress on the CPH and it is almost complete! I am down to the final ribbing. However, I seem to be having more problems then usual with picking up stitches. I picked up every other one and ended up with 94 per side instead of 146. Then I picked up almost every one and have 157. Next time I'm going to carefully measure, put markers in and attempt 73 per quarter. Oh! I am loving how the sleeves turned out. Like I said, I reverse engineered the sleeve caps and then knit them in the round to the wrist. I seamed them in last night and they look pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I was a little worried about whether or not they'd fit. Hope yours is going well.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Catching Up

Hey Flan,

I hadn't really realized that it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post. I can't really remember what's happened in the last two weeks, but I'm sure there was something. Currently, I'm getting over a cold. How I've gotten more colds living on The Gulf as compared to when I lived in the frozen tundra I'll never know, but my theory is that the extreme cold kills all the germs whereas the more temperate climate just helps them flourish.

All of my yarn stalking paid off! UPS has the most fun game where you play "where is my yarn now?!" It's very engaging as you google your tracking number over and over and over and over again to watch it move from state to state. The day the yarn arrived I whipped out my swift and winder and wound it all into lovely little yarn cakes. And then I put it in the cupboard and haven't touched it since.

The CPH is shockingly close to being finished! However, as the deadline (TWO weeks from TODAY!) nears I find myself working on it less and less. I had gotten to the ribbing of the second sleeve and realized I had added an extra row in between the cable for the last three repeats. The Hubby assured me that no one would ever notice, but I ripped out anyway.

I've also picked up and started the hood. I really don't like the lack of cast off between the back and the hood, so am thinking of ripping back, casting off the back stitches then picking up again. As always, I'm worried about running out of yarn.

Hope the crazy at work, the visit from your mom, Yarnover and the Harlot went well.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Random Thursday

Hey Flan,

Sorry for being incommunicado. Things are moving along but at no notable pace.
Tuesday, I received an email from WEBS saying that they just happened to be havin' an anniversary sale that they wanted to let me know about - just in case I'd like to stop by and browse a little- but no pressure. So after Knit Night I plunked myself down in front of the computer and just kept clicking. What'dya know but there was $100 of yarn (worth far far more than $100 but it was just such a fabulous sale). I managed to dial it down to $80 and as soon as my feverish tracking on the UPS website pays off we'll have photos. I remember purchasing yarn for 3 projects, but who knows about what will actually show up.
Tuesday was also delivery day from our group knitpicks order. I ordered yarn to make this:

I ordered a cotton linen combo in "key lime" which is sort of a spring green. I'm thinking of making it in the smallest length so that it isn't too long for my very short self.

HOWEVER... once I pulled out IK and rediscovered this photo:

I have plans to make it but with 3/4 length sleeves.

Today it was 78* which is apparently above the magic number at work so the air conditioner came on. Welcome to the frigid South. I think there is definitely a need for several cardigans to be added to my work wardrobe so layering can commence.

I decided (as always) that I absolutely must finish something before starting anything new and with all this new yarn around, Startitis is coming on strong. I am almost halfway through the second sleeve for the CPH and then the only thing is the hood. I have 4 weeks before The Sister will be here to receive it.

Enough with the blather. I'm headed off to watch some TV, eat some raw cookie dough and try to get more than 3 hours of sleep. Have a good weekend.