Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Catching Up

Hey Flan,

I hadn't really realized that it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post. I can't really remember what's happened in the last two weeks, but I'm sure there was something. Currently, I'm getting over a cold. How I've gotten more colds living on The Gulf as compared to when I lived in the frozen tundra I'll never know, but my theory is that the extreme cold kills all the germs whereas the more temperate climate just helps them flourish.

All of my yarn stalking paid off! UPS has the most fun game where you play "where is my yarn now?!" It's very engaging as you google your tracking number over and over and over and over again to watch it move from state to state. The day the yarn arrived I whipped out my swift and winder and wound it all into lovely little yarn cakes. And then I put it in the cupboard and haven't touched it since.

The CPH is shockingly close to being finished! However, as the deadline (TWO weeks from TODAY!) nears I find myself working on it less and less. I had gotten to the ribbing of the second sleeve and realized I had added an extra row in between the cable for the last three repeats. The Hubby assured me that no one would ever notice, but I ripped out anyway.

I've also picked up and started the hood. I really don't like the lack of cast off between the back and the hood, so am thinking of ripping back, casting off the back stitches then picking up again. As always, I'm worried about running out of yarn.

Hope the crazy at work, the visit from your mom, Yarnover and the Harlot went well.


Flan said...

Kathleen- I see your point about the lack of cast off. Did you see Stephanie's recent post about crocheting a line to stabilize?

Kathleen said...

Yes and I was going to do that instead of casting off. However, I decided I want more of a conclusion to the back- somehow the purls turning in to knits doesn't look quite "finished" enough and I decided to cast off instead of crochet.