Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flan's Turn to Catch Up

Apparently April isn't a good month for blogging for me, since I just checked, and I last posted in March! I've got no news as exciting as yours (an AUNTIE!), but here's a sampling of the past few weeks:

Lots of work...but when I wasn't working, I knitted:
  • Central Park (non)Hoodie: Sleeves done, body done, button bands knit. 1 sleeve set in, the other partially set in. Collar (no hood for me!) stitches picked up, but I decided that I couldn't figure out the appropriate length of the collar till the sleeves were fully set in,
  • Baby Soft Cardigan (times 2!). One for Harmony is cast on and I'm working on the first front. I'm about to cast on for a second one (for Elizabeth, the beautiful daughter of K&B), and I'm going to try knitting the body in one piece.
  • Monkey Socks: ripped out! Wrong size! I haven't decided what to do next.
  • All other projects: Untouched due to all the work.
So in the past month, we went to Iowa to see Mike's cousin play hockey:
And the mascot rode a unicycle on the ice:

We went to the Minnesota zoo, and saw the dolphin show:

And I got my picture taken with a (brass) tiger family:

And a brand new (less than a week old), baby camel:

And spring came to my garden!

I'm plotting my next adult sweater project- I'm thinking Sunrise Circle Jacket (which, for those who don't know, is a limited time free download from Interweave as one of the 5 Reader's Choice patterns), in some lovely Burgundy Cascade 220.

I'm also plotting Mike's kilt hose. I've swatched the stockinette, and now need to swatch the cable pattern....

I'm terribly behind on the ABCalong, since I still need D, E, F, G, H, and now I!

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