Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sock Summit!

I'm so glad you dragged me to Sock Summit (though to be honest, I was pretty happy to be dragged!).

Following is a selection of photos, with more to come (I haven't photographed all my yarn yet!).

Flying into Seattle:

Name Badge:

Portland welcomes Sock Summit:

Delicious cupcakes from Saint Cupcake:

Book Signing with Nancy Bush(!)

Ravelry Party! With Shetland Triangle Shawls:

Barbara Walker and her AMAZING lecture:

Matching yarn:

Matching Socks (and Clogs!):

My spinning class with Abby and Denny, who are hard to take pictures of since they're always moving! Sandi Wiseheart was in the class too (but I'm choosing not to post the picture I took of her, since apparently I can't make it non-blurry). After accosting her in the elevator when we first got there, it was nice to have her in class!

Sock Team overlooking the Marketplace:

The amazing luminary panel:

Steph and Tina doing thank-yous, just before singing Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Zimmerman.

I'm still jet-lagged, and need to go through all the new yarn tonight, but it was a fantastic trip!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bike Racing

Long time no blog! the house-hunting on top of a full-time job and a very busy summer (including an exciting visit for you), leaves very little time or inspiration for blogging.

This weekend is packed, but last night we went to see one of the races that is part of the Minnesota Bike Festival. A friend of Mike's from HS is racing in the women's events, so we went with friends to cheer her on.

Having never attended a bike race, much less a crit (where the riders do many laps on a short course), I didn't know what to expect...though I certainly did not expect the convertible/front car:
Because they raced on city streets in Uptown, including tight corners, measures were taken to protect the racers from obstacles such as fire hydrants:

Here are the leaders rounding a corner:

The pack spread out behind them:
Mike's friend Anna zooming by (she's the one with #71 on her back):
And the finish:
It was good fun, and lovely way to spend an hour on a Friday evening.

And what bike race would be complete without a visit from the mascot of the Minnesota Wild?
Because as a spectator, you get a minute or so break every lap during which there are no bicyclists going by, I brought along my knitting, and got lots done on my Sunshine Socks (Rav link)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Top of the World

Hey Flan,

The trillium are in bloom! There is a mountain across the lake from where The Aunties live and the trail up it has hundreds in bloom right now. Trillium are white flowers, but as they age they turn purple. Last weekend all of them were totally white and this weekend some had started to turn.

Naturally, last weekend I forgot my camera. This time I was prepared. This is the view from about halfway up.
This is looking straight across the lake.While in MN and AL I missed my home state and totally love to go out and revel in it.

Knitting? I suppose there has been some of that. I'm working on the Whisper cardi. The delightful Melissa gifted me with some yarn in a beautiful lavender. It's about 3/4 the way complete.
All my other projects are stalled. I am not liking any of them enough to finish but don't really feel like ripping them out. Sigh.

Happy End Note: I get to come visit in 34 days!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Belated Blogiversary

Hey Flan,

Happy 3 year anniversary to US (a few days late).

Year 3 is leather. According to Ravelry there is no leather yarn. Guess we'll have to buy both yarn and something leather (shoes? handbag? both?) to celebrate.

My favorite (wedding) anniversary gift was from you on our third anniversary. The package showed up and it was very very small and compact. I was then somewhat nervous. It turned out to be personalized leather coasters. So delightful. Thanks by the way.

I hope a week ago yesterday- the official 3rd year of Emphatic Knitting- was delightful and when I come visit in June we'll be sure to have cake.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Be a TreeHugger!

Hey Flan,

I am the Lorax I speak for the trees...

A quick post to celebrate Arbor Day!!
(Photo from my trip to see The Brother last November. These are exotic DC trees)

There are lots of free tree distribution places around my great state, and I hope other communities have them as well.

So go get yourself a tree... or maybe just go hug one- but definitely go get "The Lorax" from the library!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Hey Flan,

During my visit you asked about the shawl I'd done for The Gma's Xmas gift and I realized I'd never put it on the blog. Not that this is a surprise to anyone. I seem to have finish-nesia in that whenever I finish something I immediately disavow any and all knowledge of it ever occurring. They might have happened, but no one has proof. There are never any photos and since I usually give away anything and everything I knit, they can't be traced back to me.

While perusing the Ravelry boards I found out this is not the normal way of things. Yet another way in which I am out there in left field whilst everyone else is partying around home plate.

Anyway, I realized I actually took photos of the Shetland Triangle I made out of the beautiful SeaSilk you so generously gifted. The Gma is nearly 92 and totally knit worthy. The last wrap I made for her was out of a light gray/ white and I'm not sure she could see it very well, which makes the bright pink a delightful choice. Isn't she cute?!The Mommy and I went to visit her on Valentine's Day and I found it displayed on her favorite chair. I knew she would rarely wear what I had made, but what I did not expect was that she would turn them in to impromptu furniture cozies.

Lastly, it's finally and officially spring here in the PNW. The daffodils are up and trumpeting its arrival. With the end of the winter snow comes the beginning of flip-flop season in my world, but it also heralds the beginning of hiking season for The Aunties. We convinced The Mommy to go with us and here they all are.I love that this is 30 minutes from the house. I wasn't sure I would be all that in to hiking as it conjured scary images of peeing in the woods, but then I found out they just meant going on a walk up the side of a hill and, well, I can do that.

There are other projects which have been completed, but they are for some of the spring and summer babies and their mommas haven't received them yet. Once I have the green light to send them off to their final destinations there will be photo evidence (maybe).

Monday, March 30, 2009

What a Suprise!

What a fantastic surprise!

Like Kathleen said, we went to the zoo, where I snapped this picture of Kathleen and Mike:

As well as this picture of Kathleen's favorite animal (that's a moose, for those who aren't up on their ungulates)

And of Kathleen with a statue of her favorite animal:

I ended up buying the yarn we picked out for 2 pairs of stranded mittens, and started the first:

(I can't resist the cute picture of our friend Sue's cat playing with my yarn:
And we threw a successful baby shower at knitting, where I gifted the mom to be with the TINY baby booties I made while you were here:
Apparently Minnesota decided it's not spring yet, as we're supposed to get a rain/sleet/snow mix, so I leave you with this sunny picture of a leopard from our trip to the zoo.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hey Flan,

As you now know, your big birthday surprise this year was... ME! M and I had a delightful time planning my cross country weekend jaunt and, for the record, I had an utterly delightful time. Here you both are looking happy to see me even though I arrived at a truly ungodly hour.
For anyone who doesn't know (and before this weekend, that included me), Flan really likes to go to the zoo. The weather was nice and Sunday off we went.

This tiger is amazingly gigantic. Ergo, not all of him/ her would fit into the frame. Well, he/ she might have if I'd been a better photographer, but I'm choosing to over look that possibility. Really freakin' big animal.The zoo has three bears in this particular habitat. I think this one is a golden bear, but I very well could be making that up.I love raptors. Birding seems so passive and calm, until you remember these bad asses. Here we are at Flan's most favorite animal, the otter. She likes them so much we went back twice. The second time we were in time to watch the keepers handing them frozen fish patties in the shape of stars. Total replica of a natural habitat if you ask me.
The rest of the weekend was just as delightful as the zoo. There was some crazy good food, awesome people and a whole lotta yarn. So sad that I had to come home again.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Birthday Month!

Hey Flan (who is probably knee deep in committee),

Happy Birthday to The Sister!!! My one and only darling sister is celebrating her birthday today. Well, we're all celebrating, just not all together. Her plans for the day, 1: do not go to work, 2: go to the spa, 3: buy shoes. I've taught her well.

Here's a picture of my lovely sister. (If my future BIL is reading- this is NOT her W dress, which is, as we have explained ad nauseum, bright purple with feathers)It's been awhile since I regaled you with any mention or photo of my utterly delightful niece, LittleBabyGirl. So neglectful of me as her doting auntie, but on the other hand, I'm not entirely sure that The Brother really wants that many pictures of his darling daughter all over the internet, so I'll try to be selective.Isn't she adorable?!?!?! Of course she is. Happy sigh.

Knitting update. Gracie chose either option 1 or 3. I had both patterns and yarns all ready to go so not a moment would be lost when the decision was rendered. I chose the third option, pulled out the Jaeger Siena and was off. Actually, I turned out to be off pattern and not off to the races. The deceptively simple 4 row repeat soundly kicked my arse and after three separate start-overs, I declared it "not meant to be". Three strikes and you're on permanent time out.

I pulled out the yarn for Option 1 (which turns out to be "Lyndon Hill" and not "Bristol". Memory, it seems, really is the first thing to go). I was delighted by the discovery as I think the Pima Cotton/ Silk blend will be much better suited for a late July baby than one of alpaca/ silk. The pattern is as heavenly as the yarn and, by repeat count I am 1/3 of the way through!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Hey Flan,

Sorry for "going dark" like that with no warning. It's been a busy couple of months adjusting to being back in my beloved Pacific Northwest.

Now, for some truly exciting news- Gracie's having a boy! She has asked me to make the baby blanket and I had 5 options- two for girls and three for boys, more for the boys because that's what I was predicting she'd have. I've sent the choices to her and she'll pick whenever she leaves the doctor's office, runs around and finds all things blue, gets home, has a nap and then finally checks her email.

Here are the three that I had picked:
1. An "Ostrich Plume" from one of the Vogue Knitting to go Baby Blanket books. The yarn would be the sumptuous "Bristol"- a delightful alpaca silk blend.2. I have been dying to make this cabled baby blanket of Debbie Bliss' ever since I first saw the pattern years ago. Inconveniently, everyone's had girls and the Rowan yarn I have that would be perfect is blue. Maybe it'll finally get it's chance!

3. Lastly, the "Heirloom Silk Shawl" from Erika Knight's "Baby Bloom"- though I think it's in "Knitting for Two" as well. There's a truly beautiful Jaeger mercerized cotton in a pewter blue which would be so nice.
So who knows what she'll pick. I'm excited about knitting any of them and am really honored she'd ask me to make her son's baby blanket. I have been trying hard to stave off startitis, having what I feel is far too many WIPs (as always), but knitting for babies doesn't count, so I can cast on just as many things as my little heart and big old stash desires. Happy sigh.