Monday, March 30, 2009

What a Suprise!

What a fantastic surprise!

Like Kathleen said, we went to the zoo, where I snapped this picture of Kathleen and Mike:

As well as this picture of Kathleen's favorite animal (that's a moose, for those who aren't up on their ungulates)

And of Kathleen with a statue of her favorite animal:

I ended up buying the yarn we picked out for 2 pairs of stranded mittens, and started the first:

(I can't resist the cute picture of our friend Sue's cat playing with my yarn:
And we threw a successful baby shower at knitting, where I gifted the mom to be with the TINY baby booties I made while you were here:
Apparently Minnesota decided it's not spring yet, as we're supposed to get a rain/sleet/snow mix, so I leave you with this sunny picture of a leopard from our trip to the zoo.

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