Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hey Flan,

As you now know, your big birthday surprise this year was... ME! M and I had a delightful time planning my cross country weekend jaunt and, for the record, I had an utterly delightful time. Here you both are looking happy to see me even though I arrived at a truly ungodly hour.
For anyone who doesn't know (and before this weekend, that included me), Flan really likes to go to the zoo. The weather was nice and Sunday off we went.

This tiger is amazingly gigantic. Ergo, not all of him/ her would fit into the frame. Well, he/ she might have if I'd been a better photographer, but I'm choosing to over look that possibility. Really freakin' big animal.The zoo has three bears in this particular habitat. I think this one is a golden bear, but I very well could be making that up.I love raptors. Birding seems so passive and calm, until you remember these bad asses. Here we are at Flan's most favorite animal, the otter. She likes them so much we went back twice. The second time we were in time to watch the keepers handing them frozen fish patties in the shape of stars. Total replica of a natural habitat if you ask me.
The rest of the weekend was just as delightful as the zoo. There was some crazy good food, awesome people and a whole lotta yarn. So sad that I had to come home again.

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