Monday, January 19, 2009

Water, Concerts, and History.

This is the scene outside my front door as I type:

When Mike left to run errands today, he called to tell me there was a water main break across the street. I dutifully called it in, and was told that water mains were breaking all over the city (it's comparatively warm, and apparently that means we find out what broke during the cold snap), and that it would be a wait, since water wasn't flowing into houses. Fair enough.

Several hours later, they finally showed up. By then, Mike and I had gone down to look at the low spot near our house, where there was better than 1 foot deep of mixed water and ice. As cars drove through the water/ice combo, they were spraying water all over the nearby parked cars. I don't envy those people when they try and get into their cars.

They've closed the street outside, and they're currently using a backhoe and drilling up our street. (The house is shaking). On the positive side, we haven't lost water pressure yet. I'll let you know how it all turns out. Oh my. The drill just hit something very loud and hard.

On an unrelated, but important note: I watched yesterday's webcast of the We Are One concert, and I have to share my two favorite moments. The YouTube Links seem to be dead, but if you can find them, they're well worth watching.
1. The opening song, Bruce Springsteen backed by a gospel choir, singing one of my favorite of his songs, The Rising.
2. The second to last song of the concert, Pete Seeger, his grandson, and Bruce Springsteen leading hundreds of thousands of people in a sing-along of This Land is Your Land. I cried buckets.

Tommorrow, I'll sit in my office and watch history happen. I can't wait. I truly think that no matter who someone voted for, they can't help but be moved by the sight. (I'm also pretty excited that for the first time since I was old enough to vote, the candidate I voted for is the one who will stand up and take the oath of office).

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Committee Sweater

I'm reviewing my options and preparing for the committee sweater. I need to make a decision by mid-February, and cast on so that I'm prepared when committee comes around.

The major requirements of a committee sweater are: interesting enough that I can knit on it practically nonstop for two weeks. Simple enough that I can knit it without constantly looking at my knitting or consulting the directions. An occasional glance down at the pattern or to fix a mistake is fine, but constant reading of the pattern is not.

Here's a little preview of some of the options I'm considering, in no particular order. I'm linking to pictures, or to Ravelry pages.

The Amanda Jacket from the book A Fine Fleece.
I love the shawl collar on this jacket, as well as the texture of the main body. Current yarn plan: Elsebeth Lavold Classic AL in a gorgeous blue-green.

Sunrise Circle Jacket by Kate Gilbert.
I've loved this jacket ever since it came out. Current yarn plan: Cascade 220 in a lovely burgundy.

Phyllo Yoked Pullover by Norah Gaughan. I probably would never have looked at this sweater without seeing Sarah's gorgeous version in person (Ravelry link). I like how hers is more tightly fitted, and tightens up the collar so it doesn't fall off your shoulders. I'd also add a bit of waist shaping. Yarn: I don't know. Possibly the very soft RED merino I bought at the Shepard's Harvest festival.

Radiance Cabled Jacket by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. I'm linking to the Ravelry page on this, because I think the publicity photos don't do this jacket justice. Yarn yet to be determined.

Tangled Yoke Cardigan
by Eunny Jang. The only problem is that I think the cable chart on the yoke wouldn't be very committee friendly. Planned yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed in a lovely pale blue.

So what do you (both the Kathleen you and the blog readers you) think? Which sweater would be the most useful, and walk the line between helping my survive committee, but not require too much thought?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Knitting Goals, 2009 Edition

I got so wrapped up in actually seeing you in December, I actually thought I'd blogged when I hadn't!

I thought I better put my goals up in writing, in an attempt to create pressure on myself.

Goal #1: Knit up some of the stash. I'm not taking a "no new yarn" pledge or anything, but I'd like to use up at least a sweater's worth of my stash (as well as some of the other yarn!). This leads nicely to...

Goal #2: Knit another sweater in committee. I've got yarn in the stash for, and am considering, a bunch of different sweaters...I'll do a little preview in my next post.

Goal #3 Finish up some languishing projects. I've got some stuff that's been on the needles for far too long. To that end, I recently picked up my Rogue again (that's a Ravelry link), and am making good progress. The body is done, one sleeve is done, and I'm working on sleeve #2:
I'd also like to finish up the vest I gave my mom (on the needles!) for Christmas. And then I have a couple of shawls and scarves on the needles I'd like to finish, as well as a couple of pairs of socks. I did have to start a new pair so I'd have some mindless knitting for concerts and movies and other dark places:That's J.Knits sock yarn I bought in Texas this year. But I worked yesterday on my Lighthouse Gansey socks (Rav Link) that have been long stalled, in an attempt to get my patterned socks up to speed!

And then there's some other long-term projects, some of which must remain secret for now.

It was lovely to see you in December, and I can't wait to see you in June in MN!