Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Critters and Wagons

The week at a glance:
Shepard's Harvest was this past weekend at the Lake Elmo fairgrounds. Aubree and Tracy and I went, and took Aubree's son Ben.

There were cute critters:

(Ben says this one looks like a cow)

and cute kids: (Ben and Aubree at lunch)

I was very restrained. I bought some GORGEOUS Como roving and unprocessed fleece from Riverwinds Farms, and an extra skein of yarn for the kilt hose I'm planning on knitting for Mikey. But it was lots of fun, and the weather held till after we'd left the festival.

In other news: This week MN celebrated its sesquicentennial. One of the many random events highlighting 150 years of statehood was a wagon train. So while driving down out street on Sunday, we saw these......

Let me tell you, covered wagons don't roll down my street every day!

This week I also have a FO (which will get its own post). I finally finished the Baby Soft Cardigan from the Knitter's Book of Yarn for K&B's daughter.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Hey Flan,

Happy Anniversary to US! By the way, this is the 399th post! Sorry for being incommunicado. There was the stressful insanity of Finals followed by the delightful insanity of a family visit followed by exhaustion.
But first of all, here's the yarn acquistion- not counting the Jaeger for the future niece/ nephew

There's a completed Rowan Sampler blanket made with Pakucho Organic Cotton; the Princess Pram Cover in Debbie Bliss Organic Cotton, Eco Wool, Knitpicks Andean Silk, Knitpicks Cotlin in Key Lime, Cascade 220 in green, Berocco Ultra Alpaca and Rowan DK Something in green and red.

But back to the family visit...

Here's The Sister wearing my silk pjs and her NEW CPH!

We had a "little" dinner party (5 course dinner for 8 cooked by The Brother) and at one point The Hubby was celebratorily dunked in the pool.

Also, for what it's worth...

We had a great time and it was super fantastic to see everybody. It's getting warm here (90s) so the summer knitting is starting. I had been working on a wool vest but wool is hot and so I've mostly switched to cotton.