Thursday, June 29, 2006

Not So Much with the Knitting

I finally get a free moment to post, and I was sitting here trying to remember recent knitting news. And then I realized that I really didn't have any. Work has swallowed quite a bit of my life recently. Last weekend was Pride and we had a booth which I was in charge of, and Monday I had to drive to Rochester for an evening work meeting. Since then, I pretty much feel like I've been catching up. Also this has meant next to no knitting, except the occasional row on Clapotis.

Oh! I almost forgot! Clapotis is finally done and currently blocking! I used the Yarn Harlot's method of running string through the sides, and it seems to be working, in any case I love it! Pictures for sure this weekend.

Speaking of pictures, we finally got the film from the big LA wedding developed, and it turned out great. This time we were smart enough to get the pictures on CD as well, so I'll try and e-mail you some once I've sorted through.

We're dog-sitting in Roseville starting tonight, so after work I'm off to grab some stuff from home and then head out there. Happy 4th of July weekend! My knitting plans are for MDK washrags and lusting after the linen yarn for that MDK nightgown. I may also cast on for Green Gable in a blue cotton that I'm pretty sure I bought with you at an inventory sale about 2 years ago. I might actually get some knitting done, because I have a surprise 4 day weekend, and I'm planning on taking full advantage!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Thoughts and Washcloths

The past weekend was spent at The Grandmother's. A tough weekend of relaxing by the bay. We came home with a mere 3 plants, fertilizer, hand rake, hand shovel, two chairs, two ears of corn and THREE fishing poles (we only took one with us).
There was amazing knitting productivity, though. Two washcloths. One with pink varigated leaves and a solid center (probably for me), and one with blue varigated leaves and a violet and blue center. This one's for Evelyn who saw the finished one and hinted.
I decided to go with a light blue washable for a dress intended for the lady at Knit Night. Even though the little one is a girl and we're in the South I'm making a dress with picot edges and it has a bow, so here's to hoping.
Wendy over at Knit and Tonic is waxing prophetic today. I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Quantifying the Love

Hey Flan,
First of all- exciting news!! I have almost completed writing out the pattern on my first design! The owner of The LYS asked me to make sure I wrote down what I had been doing. Little did she know that I have schematics, measurements in metric and inches, color drawings, black and white drawings, stitches per inch... You get the idea. So last night after Knit Night I was all keyed up so I sat down and wrote it out. I've even done math to ensure that the numbers that make sense to me actually add to the correct number. The pattern will be sent to you, however, to ensure that it makes sense to at least one other knitter.
Secondly, there is a lady at Knit Night who is a little older than I and is pregnant (a girl!). So, the question is: we all knit (obviously) and baby things are small- should something be done? Moreover, how much of something should be done? I went through my patterns and found a completely adorable dress (with matching booties). Naturally all these call for Crazy Designer Yarn (at least $$$). I was thinking about using a slightly less $$ yarn purchased from The LYS (which does not carry the Crazy A$$ yarn). More washable but with acrylic. Total horrors? Hopefully not. More affordable and I don't know her that well. I was also thinking that, maybe, a Christmas stocking might be nice.
The other question is a bit stickier (but you know some of the crazy Southern-ness). I think it might be nice to have a super casual baby shower for her at Knit Night one week. Naturally this would have to be run past The Owner, also some people might not like her that much or might not have an extra project in the budget or not have enough time or something. Opinion?
Hopefully all is going well.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Organizing The Stash

Hey Flan-
So as The Hubby and I were headed to The Best Man's to meet him and see Nacho Libre I was sitting in the back seat folding the still hot laundry as the box containing the groceries for dinner was in the front seat I thought that, perhaps, there were one too many things going on.
Yesterday I finally had the chance to organize my office space/ yarn room. Not having any furniture other than a table I used boxes. There are a total of four boxes. One for future projects, one for remnants of past projects and TWO of current UFOs. Somehow gazing at all the yarn made me unbelievably happy. Most of the time I have this feeling like the UFOs create an ever expanding To Do list that are all exciting at the beginning but, once my Knitting ADD kicks in, lose their initial luster. I don't know if it's because all the yarn has been packed away for the past two months, but somehow I have found new resolve to finish the projects. I have not actually completed a single stitch on any of these projects, but the resolve is there nonetheless.
The job search continues. I'm ready to take anything at this point but employers can smell desperation so I'm trying to mask that. Iron Chef is battle Lobster tonight. Some people have all the fun. Have a good Monday.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

LOOONG Time No Post

Now that I can finally get back into the system, here is my catching up post.

Last weekend with the convention was amazing and long. Highlight: two friends getting engaged via a proposal from the floor. Low Moment: Getting stuck in the elevator for an hour. (I now have pictures, I'll post them tomorrow!)

The good: I finished my sockapaloooza socks! They have lots of good political karma now! Due to the lack of a digital camera I'm hoping my pal posts a pic when she gets them. I'll let you know, I'm eagerly watching her blog.

Clapotis: Still not done. Oops. I lost my sense of urgency once the wedding was over. But we're going to a wedding reception Saturday that I'd like to have a shawl for, so I'm going to try and finish tonight.

Also, I started a few warshrags from MDK! How I love them!

I have to be off, this week is absolutely packed, but more posting tomorrow!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Better than Botox

Hi Flan,
While at Knit Night last week one of the ladies mentioned that she had made a number of washcloths out of chenille and used them to remove her make up at the end of the day. She said they were so great for her face it was both like having a facelift and was better than Botox. Better than Botox and a facelift- how intriguing. I decided to jump on the bandwagon (I'm such a follower). I recalled a delightful pattern for a flower shaped dishcloth and found some bright green chenille leftover from The Mommy's crazy shawl. The Hubby loves it! It's intended to be a flower but he feels it is a starfish. He not only noticed it all on his own but commented on how much he liked it and THEN he actually USED it. Crazy. Today I started a bright blue one.
The MIL came to the house for the first time today. We had dinner and everything went pretty well. It was actually kind of nice. There are still many things to get and what not but for a first time things went ok.
My new FAVORITE bath crap product: It not only buffs but it moisturizes. It's really the most delightful thing.
Hope things are going well.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Love for Bureaucracy

No Really! Yesterday and today combined I have spent a mere six and three quarters hours while on missions involving the State of Alabama. Yesterday we dutifully arrived at the ONE DMV location designated for those souls who have decided to relocate from other (less fortunate) states. We were a quarter of an hour early. We were number 52 in line. It turns out that you can teach quite a number of chatty people how to knit whilst in the DMV waiting room. We all shared some guy's paper and chatted and everyone in my vicinity learned how to knit. Quite educational really. Victory was somewhat accomplished two and three quarters of an hour after arrival. I now have to go and stand in line at Social Security and then go back 24 hours after that to the DMV- but for the moment I have an AL license whose picture The Hubby has sworn to destroy if anything should ever happen to me and they need a photo for the media. Success was also accomplished with getting further on The Wedding Throw.
Today I had the delight (?) of driving to Atmore, AL to take the state test. Ironically, upon exiting the interstate you do NOT turn in the direction of Atmore, but rather left towards Uriah (BTW: I once went to school with a guy named Uriah). Total trip time: four hours. Knitting accomplished: nil.
It's officially summer here in moBEEL. So far as I can determine once it hits 90 the air conditioning is set no warmer than 50. Time to find all the cute sweaters, sweatshirts and lap blankets.
On the knitting front: I am on the fourth (of seventeen) sections. Not bad for only working on it for less than a week. Thankfully I'm now to a lace section and those go much faster.
The first tropical storm of the season might be named today. I bought a case of bottled water for safe keeping.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Ode to Air Conditioning

Hi Flan-
I hope y'all got beck from the wedding alright. Our house has air conditioning that works! It hasn't up until this point and I think we might actually sleep in our own house tonight! It's the little things that matter.
I am taking the plundge and have decided to design my very own piece of knitware. (It's probably only me, but does anyone else hear the Jaws theme song starting??) The Wedding Throw just needed it's own pattern. I couldn't find one that I liked. The thought came to me whilst browsing Mason-Dixon and had a jolt of inspiration while looking at their gorgeous knit curtain. While sitting there I realized that I do, in fact, know how to make an intentional hole in my knitting and thus could create the pattern that I want. Sad that it was such a small revelation, but an exciting one nonetheless. I spent yesterday with a calculator, paper, ruler and a very good eraser. I think this might actually work. Fingers (and sticks) crossed!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Hi Flan,
The Hubby and I send good wedding vibes to LA. Hopefully everything is going well. There was a huge thunder and lightning storm last night. Two houses burned and three people were hit (not all were killed). I think the Good Lawd is doing a bit of smiting.
We finally got to move in! The air conditioner is tempermental so we haven't actually spent a night there. Last night was all about getting the kitchen put together while Ken was at work. I was doing so well. Everything was finding a place in the very cramped quarters and I was feeling good. Until I realized that I had neglected to leave the one cupboard empty for food. That's right, the cupboard, shelf and drawers were doing an excellent job of holding dishes, small appliances and pots and pans. Other than the refrigerator there was no place for any actual food. Woops.
Knitting news? There is none. I decided I don't want to do a garter stitch rectangle. The yarn is currently making me think of sand so I want something with a bit more texture. Hopefully I will find some of my patterns later today and some help.
The Hubby just returned from getting his hair cut. Sadly she was not like our favorite in MN. I'm off to fix some breakfast.