Thursday, June 15, 2006

LOOONG Time No Post

Now that I can finally get back into the system, here is my catching up post.

Last weekend with the convention was amazing and long. Highlight: two friends getting engaged via a proposal from the floor. Low Moment: Getting stuck in the elevator for an hour. (I now have pictures, I'll post them tomorrow!)

The good: I finished my sockapaloooza socks! They have lots of good political karma now! Due to the lack of a digital camera I'm hoping my pal posts a pic when she gets them. I'll let you know, I'm eagerly watching her blog.

Clapotis: Still not done. Oops. I lost my sense of urgency once the wedding was over. But we're going to a wedding reception Saturday that I'd like to have a shawl for, so I'm going to try and finish tonight.

Also, I started a few warshrags from MDK! How I love them!

I have to be off, this week is absolutely packed, but more posting tomorrow!

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