Sunday, June 18, 2006

Organizing The Stash

Hey Flan-
So as The Hubby and I were headed to The Best Man's to meet him and see Nacho Libre I was sitting in the back seat folding the still hot laundry as the box containing the groceries for dinner was in the front seat I thought that, perhaps, there were one too many things going on.
Yesterday I finally had the chance to organize my office space/ yarn room. Not having any furniture other than a table I used boxes. There are a total of four boxes. One for future projects, one for remnants of past projects and TWO of current UFOs. Somehow gazing at all the yarn made me unbelievably happy. Most of the time I have this feeling like the UFOs create an ever expanding To Do list that are all exciting at the beginning but, once my Knitting ADD kicks in, lose their initial luster. I don't know if it's because all the yarn has been packed away for the past two months, but somehow I have found new resolve to finish the projects. I have not actually completed a single stitch on any of these projects, but the resolve is there nonetheless.
The job search continues. I'm ready to take anything at this point but employers can smell desperation so I'm trying to mask that. Iron Chef is battle Lobster tonight. Some people have all the fun. Have a good Monday.

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