Saturday, June 10, 2006

Love for Bureaucracy

No Really! Yesterday and today combined I have spent a mere six and three quarters hours while on missions involving the State of Alabama. Yesterday we dutifully arrived at the ONE DMV location designated for those souls who have decided to relocate from other (less fortunate) states. We were a quarter of an hour early. We were number 52 in line. It turns out that you can teach quite a number of chatty people how to knit whilst in the DMV waiting room. We all shared some guy's paper and chatted and everyone in my vicinity learned how to knit. Quite educational really. Victory was somewhat accomplished two and three quarters of an hour after arrival. I now have to go and stand in line at Social Security and then go back 24 hours after that to the DMV- but for the moment I have an AL license whose picture The Hubby has sworn to destroy if anything should ever happen to me and they need a photo for the media. Success was also accomplished with getting further on The Wedding Throw.
Today I had the delight (?) of driving to Atmore, AL to take the state test. Ironically, upon exiting the interstate you do NOT turn in the direction of Atmore, but rather left towards Uriah (BTW: I once went to school with a guy named Uriah). Total trip time: four hours. Knitting accomplished: nil.
It's officially summer here in moBEEL. So far as I can determine once it hits 90 the air conditioning is set no warmer than 50. Time to find all the cute sweaters, sweatshirts and lap blankets.
On the knitting front: I am on the fourth (of seventeen) sections. Not bad for only working on it for less than a week. Thankfully I'm now to a lace section and those go much faster.
The first tropical storm of the season might be named today. I bought a case of bottled water for safe keeping.

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