Thursday, June 29, 2006

Not So Much with the Knitting

I finally get a free moment to post, and I was sitting here trying to remember recent knitting news. And then I realized that I really didn't have any. Work has swallowed quite a bit of my life recently. Last weekend was Pride and we had a booth which I was in charge of, and Monday I had to drive to Rochester for an evening work meeting. Since then, I pretty much feel like I've been catching up. Also this has meant next to no knitting, except the occasional row on Clapotis.

Oh! I almost forgot! Clapotis is finally done and currently blocking! I used the Yarn Harlot's method of running string through the sides, and it seems to be working, in any case I love it! Pictures for sure this weekend.

Speaking of pictures, we finally got the film from the big LA wedding developed, and it turned out great. This time we were smart enough to get the pictures on CD as well, so I'll try and e-mail you some once I've sorted through.

We're dog-sitting in Roseville starting tonight, so after work I'm off to grab some stuff from home and then head out there. Happy 4th of July weekend! My knitting plans are for MDK washrags and lusting after the linen yarn for that MDK nightgown. I may also cast on for Green Gable in a blue cotton that I'm pretty sure I bought with you at an inventory sale about 2 years ago. I might actually get some knitting done, because I have a surprise 4 day weekend, and I'm planning on taking full advantage!

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