Monday, July 03, 2006

Mathematics ≠ Universal Language

It's true, whoever said that mathematics is the universal language has obviously never had anyone from England do subtraction. Here I was, knitting along on the Debbie Bliss "Dress with Eyelets" from her Baby Knits book. I had been led astray by one of the other patterns in this book- a sweater whose back was one length and, after following all the directions, whose front was a completely different length. But I decided that I would set that aside and knit this dress for the pregnant Knit Night companion. The instructions are for a "bottom up" approach in that you start with the bottom hem and work towards the shoulders. Not wanting an extra seam and wanting to accomplish as much knitting as possible, I decided to knit the front and back skirts in the round with the fabulous plan of getting to the arm hole decreases and working each side individually, then graft the shoulders together for a seamless dress.
This plan was going rather well until an hour ago. I had 89 sts per side, then, per instructions, made 22 double decreases (hence creating eyelets) which perfectly spaned the entirety of the back. According to my American style math backed up by my American style (though probably Chinese made) calculator this should have resulted in a total decrease of 44 sts, thus leaving a remaining 45 sts total. However, apparently this math is off, as according to the pattern I should now have 67 sts. Yes, 67. Just to be sure that I was not miscounting either sts or decreases I did the front half as well. Again I came up with 45 sts total. Not 67. I have checked the website and there are no corrections for this pattern. I have googled the pattern and others make no notation of the anomaly. Naturally, the LYS is closed today and tomorrow. I have no explanation and no further ideas.
By the way, when a bevy of young girls encourage you to go tubing even though your shoulder hurts from all the knitting you did on the aforementioned dress and you say yes, the next day your arms, back, and pecs will hurt so badly that putting on a bra, thoroughly washing your hair, and driving a stick shift car will all seem like instruments of the devil (and will also cause cursing of The Hubby who went first and whose Uncle was the driver of the boat).

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