Monday, July 17, 2006

Inadvertant Stash Building

You know how Stephanie talks about tripping in the yarn store and her credit card magically getting swiped? That's kind of how I'm feeling about this week. I went to the yarn store on Friday, as you know, to get more Trekking XXL and some Cascade Fixation. This of course, is after signing up for spinning lessons. Then I went BACK to the yarn store on Sunday in order to buy more Fixation (SO fun for socks! I love it), and some NatureSpun. Now go ahead and ask why I'm buying wool when it's 100 outside. Remember those Manly Mitts I made for my Olympic Knitting? A friend who saw me knit those in the bars a great deal has asked for a pair. And what knitter could resist a sincere request for warm mittens in Minnesota?

Yeah. I had to go see the colors to consider for his mittens. And then I tripped and my credit card was out, and now I own more yarn.

I turned the heel on my first Broadripple sock last night, so on down the foot I go.

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