Friday, July 14, 2006

Half Way!

The Wedding Throw is at the halfway mark! I am just about to start the center square and am so excited. The yarn smells more like an alpaca than any of my former alpaca products. I'm trying to figure out whether or not that's a bad thing.
Guess what- I am going to learn how to quilt. The Grandmother that quilts has decided that I need to learn how to quilt. She said all her other granddaughters (including the 6 year old) know how, so it was time for me to learn. I am signed up for a class a week from today. I trotted down to the library and picked up "The Big Book of Quilting", "Quilting for Dummies" and "The Everything Quilitng Book". Hopefully some osmosis will kick in and I will conjure a desire for fabric that will last for the 6 hour class. (SIX hours! You have to bring your lunch! I never knew it could be so taxing that you'd run out of energy. Knitters would never go on for six hours- well, maybe, but not in a class)
Things here are trekking onward. Hope things are well there.

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