Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fabric Frenzy

Hey Flan-
Good luck w/ the elevators at any and all political events. Tomorrow is my first crash course in quilting from the renouned Quiliting Grandmother. The day after that I have the official class with others at the quilt shop. Hopefully all my cramming will pay off.
Also, there's a NEW Project Runway on tonight! It's the second episode of the fabulous summer season. I think they had to look really hard to find some of the characters. Though last week there was an impressive garment made out of coffee filters.
The Grandmother and The Pushy Aunt came to lunch today. They were the first non MIL relatives to come and see where we live. So far the main attraction is our room with six doors.
Only 18 minutes until the new episode! Off to find some snacks.

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