Monday, July 31, 2006

Wind, Wind, and ReWind

Hi Flan,
Your parking garage story is funny, in that it sounds like it really sucked but maybe someday when we are just tipsy enough it might be hilarious. Never know, that situation might happen.
Last Tuesday was July 25, hence marking the exact 5 month count down to Christmas. It, being Tuesday, was also SNB night at LYS. They were having a sale. Damn them for having the sale, but woohoo for all the stuff. Forty percent off fun stuff like sock yarn (ok, probably more fun if I'd actually knit a pair of socks, but whatever). But the best thing was that they had wool winders on sale! Twenty five percent off! I was almost over the moon. Naturally I had to take one home. That also meant that nothing, absolutely nothing, was out of the reach of the power of the winder. Yarn that hasn't seen the light of day in years was dug out, dusted off, and wound. I have never enjoyed ripping out my knitting quite so much as I did last weekend. The requisite bowl of lukewarm water with Eucalan (got the LYS's one and only bottle) was in the tub, skeins (wound on the swift) went in for the dunk, out to the laundry room to dry, then back on the swift to be wound. So very much fun. I discovered that a ball of Cascade 220 is the largest thing that the winder will do. Important info, no?
I finally got my hands on The Mason-Dixon Knitting book (though the library wants it back in four weeks), and made my first warshrag. So much fun. I then proceeded to make three more. I think they'll be Xmas gifties for The Mommy. My only concern is that they seem to take forever to dry and I don't want things to grow in it whilst wet. Oh well. They are very pretty though.
The Kitten showed up this weekend! She's still tiny, but adorable. Sadly she will only eat wet food at the moment. Sad for me as it stinks and her room doubles as my office. Good for her that she eats something though. I'm hoping The MIL will bring her digital camera over later so we will have photos.
Sorry for the long post. Hope everything Up North was good (and cooler).

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