Monday, July 10, 2006

Queen of the Makeral

Hi Flan,
We went fishing yesterday. Sounds nice quiet and simple, no? We: The Hubby, The Best Man, The Uncle, his wife and their two young (6 & 9) girls and me. Went: up at 5 am. That would be Five o'Clock in the morning. Fishing: Get in boat from 70s. Hold on to The 9 year old, feel as if you're going to "revisit" the banana you ate for breakfast. The waves hit like a rollercoaster. It only took 45 minutes to realize that we should turn around and look forward. Then we had to acquire bait. This took more work than catching the actual fish did. It involved a man named Tony. After we had the bait (which three grown men tried valiantly to keep alive as long as possible) we went farther out into The Gulf. Either The Uncle or The Hubby would then take a large hook, skewer the living bait and toss the poor things overboard. The fish caught themselves. We did very little work at acutally "catching" the fish. Once the fish ate the swimming but skewered bait our job was to reel them in. In my view we weren't so much fishing as reeling. The haul at the end of the day was four King Makeral and three Red Snapper. I "caught" two Kings, one of which was the biggest fish of the day. Photos will follow.
We now have three coolers worth of King Makeral, so The Best Man, his dad and his dad's girlfriend are coming for dinner. The current menu is chips, salsa & guac, grilled fish, bean salad, coleslaw (w/ vinagrette instead of mayo dressing for The Hubby), pasta salad with coconut lime pie for dessert. I should be at the store shopping but there was laundry to be done, so I'm waiting for the dryer to finish.
Knitting... Right. Last week with the pinched nerve thing there was an imposed hiatus on the knitting. I finally got to cast off the 8 remaining sts on the neck band- only to discover that on one of the picot edges I have one too many. It's even in an obvious place. Also, I didn't make the bottom edge long enough, so when sewed down it flips up funny. I was so disgusted I put it in a bag and buried it, hoping that it will fix itself. I had been planning on making some headway on The Wedding Throw. However, The Best Man asked me to drive to The Uncle's. I was fine with that, thinking that I would knit while there or on the way home. We didn't leave until 9:30 last night after getting up at 5 and having an exhausting day on the boat. I was lucky enough to get a shower at 2:30 and talk to my co-in-law (The Uncle's Wife) while the boys took three boats out of the water and cleaned all of them and cleaned all the fish. I was then elected to be the driver for the way home while the boys slept.
I just realized this is an extremely long and rambly post. Happy Monday.

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