Tuesday, July 18, 2006


My feet are small! Very Very Small! Me Me Me Me! Over here!!! MEEEE! My feet! To be precise, they are a mere men's/ kid's 4.5, or women's 6.5-7. This translates a miniscule nine inches. Barely any yarn at all. Just for my info, how long are your alligator feetsies? There should definitely be a site that matches short people with tall people who like the same garments. The short people can cut off the excess lengths of sleeves and torsos and legs and donate them to the tall people. (After which we will all hold hands and sing). Thanks for the vanilla sock pattern.
The Grandmother commanded our presence last Sunday. Whilst we were there the visting Pushy Aunt said that The Grandmother would like to see our house and which day this week would work? As we were leaving she thanked us for the invitation to come over. Now I get to figure out what on earth to serve them for lunch. Dessert is ice cream and peaches, but I'm not sure that everyone would be as happy as I would having only dessert for lunch. My teeny tiny feet and I are off to go through recipes.

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