Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lost in Translation

Hey Flan-
We had a happy fourth as well, and it included a remarkable amount of dog (remarkable as we do not currently own a dog). Instead of going to the paternal grandmothers we broke with tradition and went to The Uncle's house. There were cousins that The Hubby only gets to see once a year on said holiday and instead of blindly following tradition set by The MIL I asked The Hubby which party he wanted to attend. The Wakeboarder Cousin with his crazy boat was there, so we spent the fourth in a boat with a bunch of cousins, watching a wakeboarding demo and tubing (photos to follow). Then there was the seafood. 50 pounds of shrimp, snapper and little crabs. Plus the rest of the food. It's remarkable any of us can walk. Naturally the next day my shoulder hurt like hell to the point that I could no longer be polite to The MIL, so I had The Hubby bring me home. Given the current drought all fireworks were banned.
Ok, so after my snitty little rant the other day I had the bright idea to google the actual decrease phrase. It turns out that 'yf' in British is 'yo' in the States. After learning this little gem of info the math turns out to be correct (decreasing two, but adding one, equalling a total decrease of 1). I apologize to anyone who is British and proud of their mathematical skills.
I'm off to delve into the new knitty. Hope things are well.

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