Monday, July 17, 2006

Cure for (Knitting) ADD?

Hey Flan-
Congrats on making the FIFTIETH post! We made it to 50! Of course, the ladies over at masondixon just made it to the three year mark, but 50 is more than 3, so go us!
It seems like there's a lot of love for the Fixation. It makes me want some... I have yet to actually finish a pair of non-boot socks, but still I want some. Maybe our LYS will have some. Of course I decided it's time to start Christmas knitting and have found some delightful Galway to make stockings for the kitten(s). I have resisted so far (and because I lent my pattern book to a fellow Knit Nighter), but we'll see how long that lasts.
About the cats... We have this new house and we thought that with our 3 fenced yards it might be fun to have a pet. So we thought about a dog and started to talking to people. Everyone said they required immense amounts of attention and frequent (3 times per day) walkings. There are three dogs that live next door and a Rottweiler 2 doors down. We thought that maybe we wouldn't be home enough to properly care for a dog and that would make us irresponsible stewards. We weren't thinking about a cat until we went to The Best Man's Mama's for dinner and there was a little one about three weeks old. The Hubby said we could have it. Then we started thinking about how lonely it would get and that, perhaps, we should get a second to keep the first one happy. His and Hers felines. That's how we became cat people.
So I was visiting Joslyn's yesterday. She has a Shawl O' The Quarter Club. (Shawl O' the Month is , apparently, notably impratical even for knitters. Though there is a Sock O' The Month). I got to thinking that the Shawl Club might be fun. Granted, I have yet to make or wear a shawl, but the idea's intriguing. Knit nothing but Shawls all year. Hmm..

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