Monday, July 17, 2006

I Have Big Feet

It has come to my attention that I have big feet. No I know. You knew that. Anyone who has tripped over my shoes knows that. Apparently I managed to overlook that though. So I'm happily knitting along on my Broadripple socks (still loving them) and I think "wow, that looks long enough." So I tried it on. I still have like 5 inches to go. Erk.

Also I'm thinking that this may be my last pair of socks with a real heel and gusset. My first pair of socks (for the one with the biggest feet of all), had a short row heel, and I'm going back! I just get frustrated with knitting the darn heel gusset.

By the way, my favorite Plain Jane toe-up sock pattern is Wendy's. There's another variation here (pdf), with feather and fan pattern for the leg part.

So anyway, what size shoes do you wear? Cause I think your feet might be about 5 sizes smaller than mine.

The kitten sounds cute....I can sort of understand becoming a cat person under those circumstances.

I love Joselyn's. It's a dangerous place. I love how that shawl is turning out too. I think I could only knit shawls for a year. Maybe. I assume she picks good shawls that are interesting.

I'm off to package up my lunch to prepare for tomorrow, and maybe knit a few more rows on the shawl while finding out if the heat is ever going to break.


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