Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Two Too Much?

Hey Flan,
I don't remember whether or not I told you we're thinking of getting a kitten. I realize it's sacreligious given your canine proclivities, but we're not home enough for a dog. After our jaunt to Petsmart earlier (btw: if you thought people in the South were friendly before, wait until you enter a zone where animals are welcome and you know the life story of the former stranger whilst in the cat food aisle in less than 4 minutes), Ken found a second cat that he wants. So, zero to two cats. Wrong? Crazy? Makes you think of all the yarn that could be unwound by two kittens in less than 3 minutes and want to huddle in the corner? Remember the tupperware container that was at the Yarnover? It had a whole punched in the top so you could protect your yarn. I'm thinking this would be a good idea.
The Wedding Throw had to have 3 rows pulled out last night at Knit Night. Thankfully, it seems as if everything is going swimmingly. I'm almost to halfway and am very excited. I'm also currently having snowman obsessions earlier in the year than usual. So far I have dreams of a Mardi Gras one and a Southern Belle.
Check out Stephanie today. She has an interesting mythical guestlist as well as a fun challenge.

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