Saturday, July 15, 2006


We're setting heat records in Minnesota this weekend. NPR just informed me that we've hit 100. I realize that in Alabama that might not be a big deal these days, but here in St Paul, as you know, it's HOT HOT HOT. It's also beastly humid and gross. Currently I'm hiding in my blessedly air conditioned apartment (thank your hubby for the air conditioner, would you?). I haven't actually been outside all day, and I'm not planning on that changing.

Last night I continued my fine tradition of knitting in bars as we had a bit of a Tap After Tape reunion at the Tap last night, complete with our favorite bartender/waiter. I was knitting on my newly cast on Broadripple Socks. I bought the yarn at the lovely LYS (our favorite) last night in a quick visit that featured yarn for three different pairs of socks. I went in to buy more Trekking XXL, which I loved when I used it for my sockapalooza socks, and ended up with some Trekking XXL and two pairs worth of Cascade Fixation. I decided some cute cotton socks were just the ticket for portable summer knitting. Tap After Tape was actually my reason for going yarn shopping, because I realized I had no portable projects.

So what'd on the needles and in current rotation? Here's my weekly rundown.
Broadripple Socks: Newly re cast-on (too small), 1 inch knit.
Eris Sweater: Still on sleeve island. I need a cuff on the one sleeve and about half of the second sleeve.
Highland Triangle Shawl from Folk Shawls: Oops. Did I forget to mention casting on for this? I'm knitting it for my mom in that beautiful yarn I bought at Yarnover with you. So far so good, but it's both lace and the red likes to rub off on my hands, so not portable.
Green Gables: Yarn wound, I'm resisting casting on till I finish something else!

The biggest excitement of this week is that I signed up for a spinning class next weekend! So you'll learn to quilt and I'll learn to spin this week. Craziness. It's at the Textile Center through the Weaver's Guild, and is a total of 10 hours over the course of the weekend. By the end, I should know the (very basics) of spinning both on a spindle and on a wheel. Kind of cool, yeah? This is part of my preparation for MD Sheep and Wool, I want to know whether I'm going to be a spinner so I can buy fiber at the mecca. :)

I'm very sorry about the cat (when did y'all become cat people anyway?) Your fishing expedition sounds way too exciting, though I would be in heaven with all that sea food! Speaking of which, I finally found an excellent seafood restaurant in the Cities. Yum!

Now I'm guilty of the very long post, so I'll wander off, and try and be better about posting this week.

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