Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I hate parking garages


I'm amazed by the quilt- it's really cool in a sort of twisted way. How big is the top? It's really hard to tell what the perspective is like.

It's been hot here all week- not ideal for knitting. I've also been working a lot, so less time to be had. I'm thinking I'm going to buy my wheel new just for the benefits of warranty, though what I'm looking at right now is an Ashford Traveller.

We're headed up North to the cabin this weekend (leaving at noon tomorrow), so I think I should get a fair amount of knitting done.

Now on to the title of my post. We remember that elevators and I are not getting along recently. We should add parking garages to the list. My parking garage adventure follows:

So my boss and I were going to an awards lunch today. She called the Hilton and said "does your parking garage take credit cards?" Neither of us had cash in our wallets, and we had to drive separately so she could make an immediately after lunch meeting. The answer was "yes, we take cash and credit cards"

We drive to the Hilton, park, and meet inside. The lunch was lovely, but we decide to leave a few minutes early to beat traffic and she could go to her meeting. My boss was ahead of me at checkout. I see her arguing with the booth attendant. She finally leaves. I pull forward with my credit card ready. "No credit cards" What?! Of course there are now cars backed up behind me. So the attendant takes my drivers license, I leave and circle back into the garage, park and go get $20 out of the ATM. At this point the lunch has ended and the garage is packed. I get back into the line, the roving parking manager (trying to keep things moving, to his credit) tries to make me go out the other entrance and doesn't understand my explanation (I need my driver's license!). I finally get back to the booth with my cash 30 minutes later, and they try to charge me for my second period of parking in the garage, which wouldn't have happened if they had been more clear!!!! It also wouldn't have been as long a time in the garage the second time around if everyone else leaving the lunch hadn't also had the same problem (at this point they were taking people's addresses to bill them rather than what I did.) I complained a lot. Eventually got the second charge taken off. Finally left almost 40 minutes after my first attempt.

This all would have been solved with either:
a) the person on the phone being right
b) A sign at the entrance to the garage
c) a sign at the stairs and elevators that lead to the garage from the lobby. Argh!

Off to pack!


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