Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Mommy's Coming!

Hi Flan,

Sorry it's been so long since a post. I haven't had reliable internet for far too long. The Mommy's coming in 2.5 hours! I'm so excited I'm not focussing on anything other than getting the boys and heading to Pensacola (cheaper to fly in to). Fingers crossed that it will be on time or else I'm going to have a major moment in the airport.

I sent you an email w/ the rest of the message, but essentially, there are bags w/ various numbers of skeins of artyarns 30% off at LYS. I'd be happy to pick you up some, if you would like.

Ok, that's as much focus as I have left. Enjoy the long weekend! (Do your union-minded parents especially enjoy Labor Day? I'd never thought about it before- probably one of those "down the rabbit hole of my head" type of thoughts...)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

As Promised

Post # 75 appears!

With pictures!

I took lots of pictures, but to make them last till my next chance to take them, I've decided to show my current in progress pieces one at a time over the next week or so...

Warning- all pictures were taken in less than ideal light due to the crazy weather we had last week, I'll try and tell you which ones are more color accurate!

So post 1: Eris

I'm still moving along on Eris, and still loving the pattern, though sleeve island is proving to be a hard place to escape!

So above is my current progress shot on Eris. Note all those ends I need to weave in! A few inches and the cuff still need to be done on the right sleeve, and possibly a reknitting of the cuff on the left sleeve, but we're getting closer!

This is what the collar looks like, it was incredibly fun to knit, though chart intensive!

The color is somewhere in between those two pictures on my monitor, a very pretty blue/gray.

That Debbie Bliss dress in completely adorable! I love it!

Hooray for a good new job and mandatory field trips for the Hubby!

I'm surviving, managing to keep life under control so far, and craving the spinning wheel...

I have an event tomorrow night, so probably no post tomorrow, but more later in the week! 2.5 weeks till buying a spinning wheel (I might not actually get it till a week or so later, it depends on stock levels).

Also, I've joined this swap in preparation for my new wheel!


Monday, August 28, 2006

Holding Post

This is just a post to promise content from me tomorrow, even with pictures! (I have to download them at work)....
More on Tuesday


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And They're OFF!

Hi Flan,
I hope things are calming down a bit. I like the "incentivising" of the spinning wheel. I finished the little Debbie Bliss dress and it can be viewed here. I enjoyed Stephanie's tribute to the newly knighted Sir Washie. We were at Sears looking at the Washies and the Kenmore super industrial has a special coating so that you can (as employees enjoyed demonstrating) whack it with your keyes and it doesn't have a scratch. My question is: how does that effect the quality of the washing of my clothes? It's a fun feature, but I don't usually throw my clothes at the washer in order to get them clean.
The First Days went well! The Hubby is extremely excited that there are mandatory field trips for one of his Geology classes. The Ozarks and Missouri are all that I remember. I found out today that there is not only a Geology Club, but a Geology Soccer Team as well. Isn't that just somethin'?
This company is so much better than my last! I'm only doing one person's job as opposed to 8. Granted, I didn't fully realize that I had been doing so many multiple jobs until now, but I'm a happy camper. Not only do I have my own telephone, I also have my very own computer (with internet!!). Truly a revolutionary step for social service-kind.
More to write, but suddenly I'm exhausted. I think I'll take my library books & the 5th season of West Wing (thank you Library), run my errand and stumble towards home. Sad when I'm this tired at 5:30, getting up early is going to take some getting used to.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Get Set...

Just a quick note to see how THE FIRST DAY went before I run off to one of the many fundraisers that comprises my week. I discovered yesterday that my ability to be "on" for events knows no practical limits. I went from throwing up to small talk with guests about the delicious food in 3 minutes flat.

Keep resisting the Christmas knitting! (MOMA has a web site.....)

Did you read Stephanie's post about Mr Washie? I'm excited about someday not having to hoard quarters for laundry anymore, and I now know that the Heavy Duty washer is the one to get...

I've made a decision. The day after the primary I'm buying a spinning wheel. It's my reward for surviving the experience.


(Hope THE FIRST DAY went well for both of you - do let me know)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

On Your Mark...

Hi Flan,
You sound exhausted -in that undoubtedly looking totally gorgeous and rested kind of way. I read Rachael's post right before yours and was going to tell you about it. Funny. I would like to point out that it would take considerably more than 3 hours to drive to MOMA from here, so that option is kind of out for me. I'm hoping the major portion of the Xmas mania subsides soon. On the other hand, I did find the first ever sweater I started end of junior year ('03?) and realized that it only needs one sleeve and a sleeve cuff. What a perfect giftie for The Brother... Am trying to resist... On the other hand, I could just put it back into the closet.
Tomorrow is The First Day. The Hubby's first day of school (starting before Labor Day is just plain WRONG) and my first day of work! WOOHOO! Work! A hopefully enjoyable place that gets to occupy my day and regularly give me money. Ahhh. I remember that. Sadly, not everything gets itself ready for The First Day, so I am mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, doing laundry, recleaning the house, filling up the car (really should have it washed), going to the ATM, baking a pie (yes, really), cleaning out the terrifying fridge, then recleaning the house. I swear the house has a conspiracy to condemn me to a life of cleaning.
Apparently TV and The Wedding Throw don't mix. I thought I was making careless mistakes while at Knit Night, and would discover them sad amounts of rows later and have to rip out. I thought I would sequester myself and work on it while the delightful Inspector Lynley worked out his mysteries. Not so much. I not only found a mistake I have to rip back, but I managed to make this mistake a truly dismal number of rows ago. Usually I find them sooner. Stupid British mysteries. Stupid DVDs with no commercials so I pay attention the whole time. Arg.
Hope this week goes well & you get some rest.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

An Amazing Concept

Given your recent realizations about Christmas Knitting, I think you need to read this recent post by Rachael.

Also, you could always dye the extra alpaca. Just saying. :)

This is sort of a fly by post because I've had an exhaisting week, and have another one starting tomorrow (yes, working on Sunday), and I need to do laundry and such.

Also, not much knitting has happened recently, except on socks because I can knit them in bars. (Yes, I am in fact weird.)

I've decided to finish sleeve #2 of Eris and knit the cuff at a smaller guage and see if I like it better, and then if I do I'll rip out cuff #1 and reknit. Unfortunately, in that Eris is an entire sweater, this means it only gets knit when I have time at home, which is a rare proposition.

More later....

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Scary Place

Hi Flan,
Oh what a frightening place my mind happens to be. I realize this is not a new revelation to those who have ever met me, but the odd-ness smacked me in the face yesterday. Here's the latest trip down the rabbit hole: The word "fiber" means both roughage in a diet and the delightful world into which knitting falls. I was half watching TV the other day and a Beneful ad came on. Something about "needing more fiber" made it's way into my head. I thought, "why yes, I could do with some more yarn..." Then it hit me- that wasn't exactly the fiber reference intended by the company. Either I am spending too much time reading knit blogs, knitting books, scouring yarn sites and reading too much harlot, or I have developed an aversion to broccoli and legumes, or I have become so obsessed with the world of knitting that I have welcomed the wide world of intestinal improving food into the delightful world of fiber arts. As if this revelation wasn't groundbreaking enough, I had a second thought. This second startling quandry- "What would a Fiber Artist from the food world look like?" Would it be a "celebrity vegan" chef? Would the foodnetwork run a Fiber-licious Iron Chef? Would it be sponsered by rivals Metamucil and Benefiber? Would they go so far as to sabotage the rival team's food, thus preventing the alleged benefits of fiber rich food?

Enough of the rabbit hole for the moment...

On the happy side, I actually finished something today. The Debbie Bliss dress is DONE! I think it turned out really well. The LYS owner took a picture for the YS blog today. It isn't posted, but when it is, I will let you know. The Wedding Throw continues.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hi Flan,
Heat sucks. Whoever doubted the reality of global warming has never been somewhere where you get insta-sweat in the three feet from your back door to your car. People were not meant to live in these conditions. Icky is the only word for it. Well, enough about the complaining. I did as someone might point out, move to Southern Alabama. Possibly not the brightest idea I've ever come up with. Then again, we get time off from work for Mardi Gras and things allegedly bloom in February... I just need to befriend people with pools.
I am finally past the center square on The Wedding Throw!! I also have the lace square around the center done. Woot! Sadly, I only have one ball of yarn after the current one. I knew I would run out, but now the question is: how much more will I need? I think math might be involved- shudder. Also, if I need less than 5, is it worth it to buy an entire bag of 10? The LYS would have to special order it, making the order size a mandatory 10. As much as I adore alpaca, I don't really adore this color enough to want an extra 6 skeins lying around. Such dilemmas.
Christmas has been on my mind lately. Probably because Christmas in WA has the hope of being the opposite of hot. I have ideas for The Dad& The SIL, have actual gifties for The Mommy, The MIL, The Best Man & his parents. I was thinking about making a bride & groom snowman pair for The Brother & SIL. The thought came to me this morning that it might be ok if not every gift was hand knit. It was a revelation.
Off to find something cool... I could make daquiris in the ice cream maker...

Friday, August 11, 2006


Congratulations! You married a genius and you have a job!

I'm loving Gatsby Girl out of that IK, but I haven't decided to make it yet- like I don't have enough to make on my list! I think the Elegance might be a closer match to the Classic Elite for the pattern you're interested in.

I'm contemplating the Icarus shawl that Stephanie has been knitting, but not until I finish the shawl for my Mom, and I'm not touching that till it cools off for the season here!

The Broadripple socks are nearing completion, I just have a few more decrease rounds on the second sock and then grafting both toes and I'm done! I'm thinking of casting on another pair for traveling knitting, socks are so convenient for that.

I'm also nearing completion on my Eris cardigan. Just another few inches of sleeve and then the cuff, and the knitting will be done. I've completed cuff #1, and I'm not liking how it looks, so I'm considering ripping out and reknitting at a tighter gauge. Once the knitting and weaving in of ends is done, I'll be contemplating my deep fear of sewing in the zipper. I suppose I also have to buy a zipper before that too.

Once it cools off I'm thinking my next sweater project may be that denim pullover that you gave me the magazine for, I think it was a back issue of Knitters? I'm starting to look at Denim yarns for that. Still lusting after a spinning wheel, but I've decided that it has to wait till after the primaries here on September 12th, because I really don't have time before then.

Did I tell you that I sent my swift off for repair? I dropped one of the arms onto my hard wood floors, and it has a tiny crack that I was worried about. The people at Dragonfly Turnings where I got it originally, agreed to take it back and check on it and repair, so I can't start any projects from hanks until it comes back!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

BIG News!

Hi Flan,
Thank you so much for the wonderful giftie and sweet anniversary thoughts! The big oh-two. I had a job interview that morning and we went to breakfast afterwards. While at breakfast, The Hubby asked me what I wanted to do. I said I wanted to go to The Grandmother's house and go lounge in the water and relax. We packed up the anniversary dinner we had planned and headed East. The Grandmother broke open the champagne and we had steak after an afternoon of floating in the Gulf. Life was good.
Tuesday we went to get the results of The Hubby's psych testing for learning disorders. It turns out that the man is a genius. Yup, I actually married a genius. He does have an attention deficit, but not enough to actually classify him as ADD (according to the psychologist). We got him tested so that he could have accomodations, i.e. more time on deadlines, instead the PhD told him to join Mensa. I'm thrilled!
Today I went to my second interview. After a couple minutes they asked me if I was ready to accept the position! Woohoo! Now we might be able to afford a couch and maybe even some rugs! After the successful passing of a drug test and background check I will get to go to work! The only downside is that the day starts at 7am! I was doing ok with starting at 8, but 7 seems a bit early. On the upside, we get off early on Fridays.
I had to rip out 6 rows of The Wedding Throw last night at SNB. I had a sickening reality check when I realized that I really only have a month more of knitting time on The Wedding Throw! One month! That's it! Ack!
One more thing: I saw this photo in the new Interweave Knits. I am besotted. I checked out the price of Classic Elite and was saddened by the $80 price tag. Then, I remembered Knitpicks! I am debating between Elegance and Andean Silk. I won't let myself buy any until I have finished the throw, but isn't it pretty?! Any thoughts on the yarn choices?
Project Runway in 27 minutes!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Summer Break

First, Happy Anniversary! Two years ago I was crying at your wedding and eating the best wedding cake ever and catching the bouquet thanks to your sister. Congratulations are in order, I do believe.
Ah, your traditional summer break. I've also always experienced that to some degree- though last year I was working graveyard shifts and so managed to skip that stage. A couple of the summers I was in AZ I picked up cross stitch again during my summer breaks.
This year I seem to be avoiding the experience, though I have packed away all projects that involve wool for at least a month or two, until the temperatures and humidity moderate into something reasonable. As a result, the shawl for my mother is marinating, as is putting the zipper in on my Ribby Cardi (seriously considering leaving it zipperless and wearing it as a fitted, meant to be open jacket).
I've been avoiding the summer blues by knitting on my Cascade Fixation socks and attempting to escape sleeve island on my Eris Cardigan. It does make me think about Olympic Knitting, and how much I was able to achieve when I was faithful to one project and knit every night. Ah well.
Saturday I drove way out, past suburbia and into country west of the Cities to visit the lovely Detta's Spindle. I was greeted with enthusiasm by the wonderful proprietor and her two very large and fluffy dogs (Pluto and Sunny). I was there to try out wheels in my continuing quest for the perfect spinning wheel. I spent a couple of hours spinning on 5 different wheels, and find myself only slightly more decided than I was before. (All of the following wheels are on Detta's site, so poke around, it won't let me link directly to them) I still really like the Ashford Traveller, which was my original choice. Then I tried a Kromski Minstrel, which also spun like a dream, and has kind of a unique look. The others I didn't enjoy as much. I almost wish that one of these wheels was much more expensive than the other so that I could decide based on price- but no such luck. So some more thinking, and another trip to Detta's once I get through my crazy work schedule in late August/early September. I'll be buying from her once I decide- she's suck a pleasure to work with, and I like supporting local businesses!
As I was about to leave, Detta told me to go down and look at her fiber room, one level down. It was full of bags of fiber for spinning. Everything from regular wool to Merino to Angora and Camel and Silk and more! Also tons of books and smaller selection of yarn, though a great selection of needles. I'll be going back there when I've bought my wheel!!
Hope you're enjoying your anniversary, and that your knitting mojo will come back sometime soon! (Though a finishing mojo is pretty exciting, and could certainly be useful to me in weaving in all the ends on the sheepy blanket)


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Summer Vacation

Hi Flan-
Ok, IT's happened. No really, IT has happened. Every summer since I've known how to knit I take a summer break from my most beloved past time. I can't explain why or how, IT just happens. Usually this starts beginning to mid June, about graduation time. However, this year the knitting kept on happening, right through Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Inexplicable I thought. Why, when I am now within spitting distance of the Gulf and thus living very close to the equator, was IT not happening? I had no answer. Now the listlessness has set in and all portions of the brain usually devoted to knitting have gone on vacation.
Remarkably, I seem to be able to finish things, so long as the things do not actually require picking up needles. For instance, I finally decided on the embellished motif for the front of the Christmas stocking that I knit last year and has been nekkid up to this point. It required embroidery and it got done. (Looks very nice on my mantle, but is destined for one of The Mommy's auctions). But when I picked up the same needles and same pattern that I enjoyed so much last fall I managed to bumble it so completely that the whole thing is back in the closet, awaiting some restoration of knitting acumen before continuing. I cranked out snowman arms until I ran out of beads and am having a delightful time with the sewed accessories for them (someone help!). It's very very very odd.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Hi Flan,
What a hops- fuled testosterone weekend! Mine didn't have nearly so much heat or beer. The cat came to live Saturday night. We quickly discovered that she wasn't happy unless being simultaneously held, petted and stared at. If you didn't look at her whilst holding and petting she wasn't happy. She would also stand at your feet and cry. And, much like a baby, she had to be fed every 1.5-2.5 hours. So much work. And she's so little! Only six weeks old and she was the runt, so itsy bitsy. I hit the point yesterday. When I got a cat I expected to have a cat; furry, slightly aloof and a bit disdainful. That is what I expected. I've had three cats in my life and they all fit that bill. This cat was more of a human infant rather than a cat. We returned her to her original home earlier today. I think she missed being around other cats. I wanted to have use of both my hands for most of the hours of the day. I tried to be a good steward of the kitten, but am no longer under that responsibility. She was a sweet cat and is much happier now. Here is my question: The cat came with a million fleas and thus flea eggs. I spent hours with a teeny tiny flea comb trying to get the damn things off her. The cat was in my office, and thus the flea eggs are now in my office. There are definite eggs in the vacuum chamber after having cleaned up the office. So, are fleas at all related to the evil m*ths? If I move the yarn in could they cause distruction?

Now you're on the phone, but this is a long post, so I'm posting it anyway.