Tuesday, August 29, 2006

As Promised

Post # 75 appears!

With pictures!

I took lots of pictures, but to make them last till my next chance to take them, I've decided to show my current in progress pieces one at a time over the next week or so...

Warning- all pictures were taken in less than ideal light due to the crazy weather we had last week, I'll try and tell you which ones are more color accurate!

So post 1: Eris

I'm still moving along on Eris, and still loving the pattern, though sleeve island is proving to be a hard place to escape!

So above is my current progress shot on Eris. Note all those ends I need to weave in! A few inches and the cuff still need to be done on the right sleeve, and possibly a reknitting of the cuff on the left sleeve, but we're getting closer!

This is what the collar looks like, it was incredibly fun to knit, though chart intensive!

The color is somewhere in between those two pictures on my monitor, a very pretty blue/gray.

That Debbie Bliss dress in completely adorable! I love it!

Hooray for a good new job and mandatory field trips for the Hubby!

I'm surviving, managing to keep life under control so far, and craving the spinning wheel...

I have an event tomorrow night, so probably no post tomorrow, but more later in the week! 2.5 weeks till buying a spinning wheel (I might not actually get it till a week or so later, it depends on stock levels).

Also, I've joined this swap in preparation for my new wheel!


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