Wednesday, August 09, 2006

BIG News!

Hi Flan,
Thank you so much for the wonderful giftie and sweet anniversary thoughts! The big oh-two. I had a job interview that morning and we went to breakfast afterwards. While at breakfast, The Hubby asked me what I wanted to do. I said I wanted to go to The Grandmother's house and go lounge in the water and relax. We packed up the anniversary dinner we had planned and headed East. The Grandmother broke open the champagne and we had steak after an afternoon of floating in the Gulf. Life was good.
Tuesday we went to get the results of The Hubby's psych testing for learning disorders. It turns out that the man is a genius. Yup, I actually married a genius. He does have an attention deficit, but not enough to actually classify him as ADD (according to the psychologist). We got him tested so that he could have accomodations, i.e. more time on deadlines, instead the PhD told him to join Mensa. I'm thrilled!
Today I went to my second interview. After a couple minutes they asked me if I was ready to accept the position! Woohoo! Now we might be able to afford a couch and maybe even some rugs! After the successful passing of a drug test and background check I will get to go to work! The only downside is that the day starts at 7am! I was doing ok with starting at 8, but 7 seems a bit early. On the upside, we get off early on Fridays.
I had to rip out 6 rows of The Wedding Throw last night at SNB. I had a sickening reality check when I realized that I really only have a month more of knitting time on The Wedding Throw! One month! That's it! Ack!
One more thing: I saw this photo in the new Interweave Knits. I am besotted. I checked out the price of Classic Elite and was saddened by the $80 price tag. Then, I remembered Knitpicks! I am debating between Elegance and Andean Silk. I won't let myself buy any until I have finished the throw, but isn't it pretty?! Any thoughts on the yarn choices?
Project Runway in 27 minutes!

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