Friday, August 11, 2006


Congratulations! You married a genius and you have a job!

I'm loving Gatsby Girl out of that IK, but I haven't decided to make it yet- like I don't have enough to make on my list! I think the Elegance might be a closer match to the Classic Elite for the pattern you're interested in.

I'm contemplating the Icarus shawl that Stephanie has been knitting, but not until I finish the shawl for my Mom, and I'm not touching that till it cools off for the season here!

The Broadripple socks are nearing completion, I just have a few more decrease rounds on the second sock and then grafting both toes and I'm done! I'm thinking of casting on another pair for traveling knitting, socks are so convenient for that.

I'm also nearing completion on my Eris cardigan. Just another few inches of sleeve and then the cuff, and the knitting will be done. I've completed cuff #1, and I'm not liking how it looks, so I'm considering ripping out and reknitting at a tighter gauge. Once the knitting and weaving in of ends is done, I'll be contemplating my deep fear of sewing in the zipper. I suppose I also have to buy a zipper before that too.

Once it cools off I'm thinking my next sweater project may be that denim pullover that you gave me the magazine for, I think it was a back issue of Knitters? I'm starting to look at Denim yarns for that. Still lusting after a spinning wheel, but I've decided that it has to wait till after the primaries here on September 12th, because I really don't have time before then.

Did I tell you that I sent my swift off for repair? I dropped one of the arms onto my hard wood floors, and it has a tiny crack that I was worried about. The people at Dragonfly Turnings where I got it originally, agreed to take it back and check on it and repair, so I can't start any projects from hanks until it comes back!

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