Saturday, August 05, 2006

Summer Vacation

Hi Flan-
Ok, IT's happened. No really, IT has happened. Every summer since I've known how to knit I take a summer break from my most beloved past time. I can't explain why or how, IT just happens. Usually this starts beginning to mid June, about graduation time. However, this year the knitting kept on happening, right through Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Inexplicable I thought. Why, when I am now within spitting distance of the Gulf and thus living very close to the equator, was IT not happening? I had no answer. Now the listlessness has set in and all portions of the brain usually devoted to knitting have gone on vacation.
Remarkably, I seem to be able to finish things, so long as the things do not actually require picking up needles. For instance, I finally decided on the embellished motif for the front of the Christmas stocking that I knit last year and has been nekkid up to this point. It required embroidery and it got done. (Looks very nice on my mantle, but is destined for one of The Mommy's auctions). But when I picked up the same needles and same pattern that I enjoyed so much last fall I managed to bumble it so completely that the whole thing is back in the closet, awaiting some restoration of knitting acumen before continuing. I cranked out snowman arms until I ran out of beads and am having a delightful time with the sewed accessories for them (someone help!). It's very very very odd.

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