Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And They're OFF!

Hi Flan,
I hope things are calming down a bit. I like the "incentivising" of the spinning wheel. I finished the little Debbie Bliss dress and it can be viewed here. I enjoyed Stephanie's tribute to the newly knighted Sir Washie. We were at Sears looking at the Washies and the Kenmore super industrial has a special coating so that you can (as employees enjoyed demonstrating) whack it with your keyes and it doesn't have a scratch. My question is: how does that effect the quality of the washing of my clothes? It's a fun feature, but I don't usually throw my clothes at the washer in order to get them clean.
The First Days went well! The Hubby is extremely excited that there are mandatory field trips for one of his Geology classes. The Ozarks and Missouri are all that I remember. I found out today that there is not only a Geology Club, but a Geology Soccer Team as well. Isn't that just somethin'?
This company is so much better than my last! I'm only doing one person's job as opposed to 8. Granted, I didn't fully realize that I had been doing so many multiple jobs until now, but I'm a happy camper. Not only do I have my own telephone, I also have my very own computer (with internet!!). Truly a revolutionary step for social service-kind.
More to write, but suddenly I'm exhausted. I think I'll take my library books & the 5th season of West Wing (thank you Library), run my errand and stumble towards home. Sad when I'm this tired at 5:30, getting up early is going to take some getting used to.

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