Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Scary Place

Hi Flan,
Oh what a frightening place my mind happens to be. I realize this is not a new revelation to those who have ever met me, but the odd-ness smacked me in the face yesterday. Here's the latest trip down the rabbit hole: The word "fiber" means both roughage in a diet and the delightful world into which knitting falls. I was half watching TV the other day and a Beneful ad came on. Something about "needing more fiber" made it's way into my head. I thought, "why yes, I could do with some more yarn..." Then it hit me- that wasn't exactly the fiber reference intended by the company. Either I am spending too much time reading knit blogs, knitting books, scouring yarn sites and reading too much harlot, or I have developed an aversion to broccoli and legumes, or I have become so obsessed with the world of knitting that I have welcomed the wide world of intestinal improving food into the delightful world of fiber arts. As if this revelation wasn't groundbreaking enough, I had a second thought. This second startling quandry- "What would a Fiber Artist from the food world look like?" Would it be a "celebrity vegan" chef? Would the foodnetwork run a Fiber-licious Iron Chef? Would it be sponsered by rivals Metamucil and Benefiber? Would they go so far as to sabotage the rival team's food, thus preventing the alleged benefits of fiber rich food?

Enough of the rabbit hole for the moment...

On the happy side, I actually finished something today. The Debbie Bliss dress is DONE! I think it turned out really well. The LYS owner took a picture for the YS blog today. It isn't posted, but when it is, I will let you know. The Wedding Throw continues.

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