Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hi Flan,
Heat sucks. Whoever doubted the reality of global warming has never been somewhere where you get insta-sweat in the three feet from your back door to your car. People were not meant to live in these conditions. Icky is the only word for it. Well, enough about the complaining. I did as someone might point out, move to Southern Alabama. Possibly not the brightest idea I've ever come up with. Then again, we get time off from work for Mardi Gras and things allegedly bloom in February... I just need to befriend people with pools.
I am finally past the center square on The Wedding Throw!! I also have the lace square around the center done. Woot! Sadly, I only have one ball of yarn after the current one. I knew I would run out, but now the question is: how much more will I need? I think math might be involved- shudder. Also, if I need less than 5, is it worth it to buy an entire bag of 10? The LYS would have to special order it, making the order size a mandatory 10. As much as I adore alpaca, I don't really adore this color enough to want an extra 6 skeins lying around. Such dilemmas.
Christmas has been on my mind lately. Probably because Christmas in WA has the hope of being the opposite of hot. I have ideas for The Dad& The SIL, have actual gifties for The Mommy, The MIL, The Best Man & his parents. I was thinking about making a bride & groom snowman pair for The Brother & SIL. The thought came to me this morning that it might be ok if not every gift was hand knit. It was a revelation.
Off to find something cool... I could make daquiris in the ice cream maker...

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