Monday, August 21, 2006

Get Set...

Just a quick note to see how THE FIRST DAY went before I run off to one of the many fundraisers that comprises my week. I discovered yesterday that my ability to be "on" for events knows no practical limits. I went from throwing up to small talk with guests about the delicious food in 3 minutes flat.

Keep resisting the Christmas knitting! (MOMA has a web site.....)

Did you read Stephanie's post about Mr Washie? I'm excited about someday not having to hoard quarters for laundry anymore, and I now know that the Heavy Duty washer is the one to get...

I've made a decision. The day after the primary I'm buying a spinning wheel. It's my reward for surviving the experience.


(Hope THE FIRST DAY went well for both of you - do let me know)

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