Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Quantifying the Love

Hey Flan,
First of all- exciting news!! I have almost completed writing out the pattern on my first design! The owner of The LYS asked me to make sure I wrote down what I had been doing. Little did she know that I have schematics, measurements in metric and inches, color drawings, black and white drawings, stitches per inch... You get the idea. So last night after Knit Night I was all keyed up so I sat down and wrote it out. I've even done math to ensure that the numbers that make sense to me actually add to the correct number. The pattern will be sent to you, however, to ensure that it makes sense to at least one other knitter.
Secondly, there is a lady at Knit Night who is a little older than I and is pregnant (a girl!). So, the question is: we all knit (obviously) and baby things are small- should something be done? Moreover, how much of something should be done? I went through my patterns and found a completely adorable dress (with matching booties). Naturally all these call for Crazy Designer Yarn (at least $$$). I was thinking about using a slightly less $$ yarn purchased from The LYS (which does not carry the Crazy A$$ yarn). More washable but with acrylic. Total horrors? Hopefully not. More affordable and I don't know her that well. I was also thinking that, maybe, a Christmas stocking might be nice.
The other question is a bit stickier (but you know some of the crazy Southern-ness). I think it might be nice to have a super casual baby shower for her at Knit Night one week. Naturally this would have to be run past The Owner, also some people might not like her that much or might not have an extra project in the budget or not have enough time or something. Opinion?
Hopefully all is going well.

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