Saturday, June 03, 2006


Hi Flan,
The Hubby and I send good wedding vibes to LA. Hopefully everything is going well. There was a huge thunder and lightning storm last night. Two houses burned and three people were hit (not all were killed). I think the Good Lawd is doing a bit of smiting.
We finally got to move in! The air conditioner is tempermental so we haven't actually spent a night there. Last night was all about getting the kitchen put together while Ken was at work. I was doing so well. Everything was finding a place in the very cramped quarters and I was feeling good. Until I realized that I had neglected to leave the one cupboard empty for food. That's right, the cupboard, shelf and drawers were doing an excellent job of holding dishes, small appliances and pots and pans. Other than the refrigerator there was no place for any actual food. Woops.
Knitting news? There is none. I decided I don't want to do a garter stitch rectangle. The yarn is currently making me think of sand so I want something with a bit more texture. Hopefully I will find some of my patterns later today and some help.
The Hubby just returned from getting his hair cut. Sadly she was not like our favorite in MN. I'm off to fix some breakfast.

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