Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Nightmares Have Started

Hey Flan-
At this poing I would be attempting to pack whilst also attempting to finish Clapotis, but you've probably finished both hours ago. Hopefully everything goes well w/ the Hispanic Catholic Fillipino Pentacostal wedding.
So with The Brother's Wedding Throw.... Yeah.... Um... So you would think that, given the dimensions for the finished triangle, a measuring tape and knowledge of the shape of said triangle I would've figured out that the stupid thing is the weirdest shape known to man. The stupid thing is 88" at the longest edge. If I put my arm straight up while standing as tall as I can it's not 88". Then it's 33" at the point. That's it. 33". So when on the couch and you feel a chill coming on and reach for this beautifully handcrafted wedding gift it's really only going to keep one side over to your bellybutton warm. Your right foot, knee, elbow and shoulder are left out in the cold but your entire left side is toasty in oatmeal colored alpaca. I've ripped out twice and then we went on time out from each other.
I decided it was the pattern that was funny and thus attempted to find a new one. The obsession knew no bounds and I almost called you to pick up a Jo Sharp book. I found a pattern that might have worked (if the yarn was thicker, I had two more colors and extra of the original). The pattern was, naturally, found in the only knitting book I have ever returned. Subsequently, I would have to re-buy the book. Frustrated, I came home after knit night feeling defeated and hadn't knit a stitch.
Last night (our last on The Best Man's floor) I had dreams about the pattern. I kept waking up thinking about taupe-y alpaca. I woke up extremely stressed out about this stupid thing that is supposed to be a nice gift. Not a good beginning. I thought about just throwing in the towel, using this boring color for something, re-buying the book, and attempting to find more yarn. In an enlightened moment I wandered over to my happy site( Morehouse ) and found their elegantly simple throw. Yes, it's a garter stitch rectangle, but it's a damn good one. I'm regretting not having found it sooner and ordering their kit, but I love the alpaca, so it's ok. My current idea is to create my own garter stitch rectangle with no pattern. Revolutionary I know.

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