Friday, May 19, 2006

Leaves Have Fallen

Hey Flan-
Your weekend sounds amazing! Geena Davis and winning, what could be better?! My weekend has few plans. At the moment I'm watching reality TV whilst my newly finished and blocked "Falling Leaves" Scarf from the delightful Lucy Neatby. What a time it will be this weekend. So, now that the project is over, time for the dissection (all of these completely made up as I go):
1. How much love is there for the newbie?
A: Some love. Love for the pattern, Love for the color. Love for the Yarn? Not really. I realize I will probably be struck down with a lethal crochet hook for saying this, but the difference in width in the Fairy Hare (from the people at Kimmet Croft). I've used hand spun yarn before and although here were variations in thickness there was nothing like difference in thickness that this yarn had. There were points that I felt that my needles were too small, making the scarf too tight and other points when I felt that it was a cobweb weight and the tension was about to make the yarn break. Also, the Kimmet Croft lady (as well as the unidentified third lady) swore that it would "cloud" up with the heavenly cloud that the pattern held. I have not yet seen it, but the jury is out until the thing is dry. Current answer: B.
2. Would I make it again?
A: Probably, given my love for Lucy. Definitely in a different yarn (probably alpaca, but I probably don't need to tell you that).
3. What's next?
A: I decided to finish the Debbie Bliss blue and red socks that I started for The Hubby while we were at the cabin as an Xmas gift for The Best Man. I will ask you to go to the Happy LYS and get two balls of light blue and one of orange so that I can do a surprise for The Hubby and then do red and orange stripes for me. I realized that those three, plus a pair for The Santa Fe Auntie, plus the Gems purple pair (currently the first sock is half finished) plus green Gems equals a lot of socks! I don't mind doing one at a time on multiple double points but there seems to be so much hate for that method. Maybe I should give the double circulars a second chance... Probably the only way I will get any of them done.

Hope your weekend went well. I'm off to get together a care package for The Sister. (BTW: on TV an auto care center just advertised that you could bring in a Church Bulletin and receive 10% off. A CAR center. Definitely should issue a passport upon arrival)

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