Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Picture with Geena Davis!!

The weekend was AMAZING. My boss went to the VIP reception and gave her a packet that included one of our t-shirts (more on this later). Then at dinner the first night we were chatting away at our table and Geena Davis wandered into the room. Talk about distraction. She spoke, and was so cool and inspirational. After dinner I got a picture with her!!!!

Then after everything was over we had a dessert reception, and she walked past my org table, looked at our t-shirts, and said "Oh, I have one of those." I could have died it was so exciting.

The rest of the weekend was great, really inspirational and affirming to be around all these women who are running for office or thinking about it. Opinionated and full of pizazz, they were fabulous.

Good deal on the delay- makes for a better celebration I suppose. I'm afraid a sweater out of that chunky alpaca would be a bit much for the boy...his internal furnace seems to be set to full steam ahead all the time. :)

We still need to do a present for the LA wedding. I'm thinking of buying on line (not sure what) and shipping it to the hotel to get there before us and then just taking wrapping paper and ribbon. We shall see.

Clapotis is coming along. I didn't get quite as much done as I had hoped, the weekend was a good example of why I always have 2 projects with me. 1 hour into the morning training on Saturday I discovered a mistake that takes significant concentration to fix, so I pulled out my sockapaloooza socks and worked on them. That goal is accomplished- 1 done and 1 at the heel turn. I'm back on track with Clapotis though, and it's getting all my attention this week. I just need to finish by Tuesday I think so I can block and it can dry before I need to pack for the wedding Wednesday night. Ack so soon!!!!

Hope your yarn arrived safely!

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