Monday, May 08, 2006

Running out of yarn?

I'm still in the increase section of Clapotis, still on my first ball of yarn, and already worried I'm going to run out. I have three balls of yarn, and I think I've used 1/2 of one ball. New plan: take project to the post office on my daily post office run for work and ask the nice post office man to weigh it for me. Think he'll think I've lost my mind?

In other sad news about Clapotis, I was knitting along last night at West Wing and discovered that about 5 rows ago I managed to add a stitch. A totally inadvertent adding of a stitch, unnoticed for 5 rows? How the heck did that happen. I tried dropping the stitch down and redistributing the extra yarn, but there's just too much of it so I'm going to have to rip back to where I added and then re-knit.

That's unlikely to happen today, because today is air conditioner installation day at my place (by the landlord's handyman). It's relatively cool today and thunderstorms on and off, which makes for not perfect air condition installation weather, but there you have it. Once it is installed, I'm embarking on a thorough mopping project before the rug goes back down, and then a possible furniture moving/redecorating of the main room of the apartment. New goal: for futon not to cut the room into two small cramped spaces. I'll have to post pictures once it is done, so that you can see if it worked.

Also in my near future: a trip to the fabric store for wide ribbon to tie back curtains and flannel to line the sheepy blanket (ends need to be woven in). How come all of my current projects have a June deadline? I have a mental image of blocking Clapotis on my hotel room floor the night before the wedding. Pure glamour, that would be!

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