Thursday, May 18, 2006

Weekend in Training

Tomorrow I'm off to training for three days on running for office. I was excited about the training to begin with, but what makes it even more fun is that I get to meet Geena Davis! She is attending the Friday night dinner, and I seriously can't wait! The only problem with the plan is that the training is in Chaska. The conference center looks gorgeous, but driving to Chaska on Friday afternoon at rush hour is not fun.

The other problem is missing out on an excellent group knitting opportunity. Tomorrow night is Sip, Stitch, and Pitch Night at the St Paul Saints baseball game. The LYS that we love is cosponsoring, with a free ball of yarn to the first 500 people to show up with knitting needles! They do say they're going to repeat the experiment if it's a success, and the Twins are trying out the idea later in the season as well. I am expecting a weekend of knitting even though I'll miss the fun of being surrounded by knitters watching baseball.

Training, as I see it, has the potential for lots of knitting time. I'm bringing along the sockapalooza socks and Clapotis, with grand plans to be on the decrease section of Clapotis by the end of the weekend, and done with one sock.

Think I can live up to that? I won't have Internet till Sunday night, so I'll let you know then. Enjoy the weekend!

(Once I get through the wedding and such, I'm thinking about buying the yarn for the nightgown and bathrobe from MDK.... sounds like perfect knitting for state convention in Rochester, don't you think?) I'm also thinking about starting on a set of baby kimonos for emergency baby gifts. The pro-choice community here is on it's second baby boom of the year, and I keep discovering that more women I work with are pregnant!

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