Friday, May 12, 2006

Mish-Mash Post

Oh the temptation! I’m thinking about heading to the B&N by my apartment this afternoon- none of the LYS have Mason-Dixon Knitting in stock, and none of them know when they can get it in. I’ll look for Greetings from Knit Café while I’m there- always worth a look! What color are you thinking?

What Would Laura Ingalls Do might need to become my new knitting mantra….I like it!

I’ve been knitting along on Clapotis…. I managed to weigh it in the post office on Wednesday without too many strange looks from the staff. They have a handy self service scale which I used, and only the one employee seemed to think I had lost my mind. Then again, I was in the downtown Minneapolis post office, and this was NOT the strangest thing going on in its very long concourse by far on Wednesday morning. That is a tossup between the distinguished looking older gentleman who was balancing a stack of boxes that was honestly twice his height (hopefully very light boxes), and the elderly homeless man who is always there and every morning is covering every square inch of paper available with extremely cryptic hieroglyphs and then tossing them on the floor.

Clapotis, like most of my knitting these days, was knitted on in the bar last night. Very very carefully. I sent my mother to her LYS in AZ to pick up one more skein, since the conclusion of my weighing was not quite conclusive enough, and now I just need it to get here quickly!

Happy Friday!

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