Sunday, May 14, 2006


Yes, I succumbed to the temptation. I bought Mason-Dixon Knitting today. Here's what I currently don't get: In Mobile, you saw MDK for 20% off at B&N. On the website, MDK was 20% off at B&N. When I wandered into the Highland Park B&N and picked up their last remaining copy, there was no lovely little 20% off sticker. So I approached the customer disservice desk to ask about the price. Without glancing at me, the woman took the book from me, looked at the back and said "29.95" and started to walk away.

Me: Excuse me. The book is 20% off on your website and at your other stores. Is it possible there's a mistake?"

Her: It's 29.95.

So I walked out in disgust at her attitude. Good for my wallet. But then I had to stop at the B&N in Roseville today, and sure enough, MDK was 20% off and I couldn't resist the siren song... Oops.

I have a potentially crazy idea. I've been reading all these blog accounts of the fun had at Maryland Sheep and Wool. Since next May will mark a full year of you living there and me living here, I think we should plan a trip to MD, meet there, and attend Sheep and Wool. What do you think? Totally crazy?

Hope Mother's Day brunch went well, I'm off to tidy up a bit before West Wing series finale tonight....

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