Sunday, May 14, 2006


To the Creators of The West Wing:
Thank you for the adventure.
To Flan:
I can't believe it's over.

It's funny how this tv show somehow became more than a tv show. It gave me hope of an ideal while being frustrated with reality. It showed that tv writing can be witty and intelligent and intellectually elevating. It showed that people can walk at Flannery speed while carrying on influential conversations.

This show has been in my life since before I met my husband. Most milestones have happened after I met The Hubby and I use the time that we met as a beginning and most things have happened since then. This came before. The show started while I was in High School and was an oasis to the whirlwind of that environment. Not being that policitally active, I found myself wanting to be them, not just watch them. I wanted that to be the reality and thought if only it could be then maybe we as a country might make it after all.

Anyway, this is long and rambling, so I should probably wrap it up. I went through several tissues and alarmed The Best Man when he returned to find me blubbering on the couch. I didn't fall to pieces when any of the other shows I consider my own left the air for syndication, but I guess that this was never one of the typical shows.

I miss the times that we had you over for dinner and to watch it. Moreover, I miss you and I miss it. Thank God for DVDs.

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