Friday, May 26, 2006


" Four hundred and ten stitches on the needles, four hundred and ten stitches.... Knit one row, decrease two, four hundred and eight stitches on the needles..."


Two television commentaries/ rants.

Bravo's doing the "100 Greatest TV Characters". Expected there is Rhoda, Mary, Mork and other greats. All the people you think of come between 50-100. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is number 13. THIRTEENTH out of ONE HUNDRED of the GREATEST characters on TV EVER. EVER. I'm sure that she's a delightful character, but thirteenth?!?!

Burger King has a new ad campaign out. They have young (supposedly virile) men co-opting the song "I am woman, hear me roar" and have changed it to "I am MAN, I am Hungry". Yup, the KING of burgers has decided that all the young men in the world need help finding food and in order to do so they have to take a women's lib song and change it. As if anyone who has ever met a man has neglected to realize that MEN = HUNGRY. No matter which man nor what the day or time. MEN ARE HUNGRY.
We (the women who formerly roared) know men and we know that men get hungry. We don't necessarily think of the self titled monarch of burgers when the men we feed realize their hunger, but apparently men needed this message and would not have fully comprehended this message (hungry serfs asking the King for badly fried fat) had it not been for a liberating jingle that explains the feeling they have now identified as hunger can be quenched simply by visiting the King (much like Dorothy going to see the wizard. However, neither the Wizard/ King want Dorothy/ Men to know that they have always had the power to go home/ squelch hunger all on their own and never needed the Wizard/ King to begin with).

When did it become ok to use an empowering song from a time of liberation for a minority (women still only making 60 cents to the man's dollar- the dollar which will get you a wide variety from the BK value menu by the way) and get used by a fast food company in an ad campaign for (white) men?

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