Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Stupid Gravity

Hey Flan-
SUCH jealousy over the fabulous weekend! PLUS you have the very first photos on The Blog! We have photos! Just like real bloggers and everything (and the first one has two beautiful women in it- even better).
My yarn isn't here yet! The LYS owner thought it would have gotten in yesterday but it hadn't and I didn't hear from her today. Hopefully it will be here before the Memorial Day weekend (we're supposed to go to The Grandmother's) and I can always use some knitting distraction. This time I'm taking my swim suit. I've never stalked a yarn order before (I've only ordered yarn twice before and each time there was no timeline given), but if this yarn doesn't hurry up and get here I might have to take my air mattress to The LYS and camp out.
So, with The Future SIL's scarf... The pattern says to cast on x sts and rib until the end of the ball. Repeat twice more then braid the damn things together. I got half way done w/ the first ball and decided that it wasn't going to be long enough, and it definitely wasn't going to be long enough once braided. So I ripped the whole thing out and cast on two fewer sts and redid it (naturally not checking the length until I was COMPLETELY done). The @)(#*@& thing almost reaches to the floor when I put it around my neck. Obviously I neglected to factor in Gravity. Yup, the force that holds us on the planet and has an unfortunate effect on body parts during the aging process also manages to pull yarn towards the center of the planet as well. Should I have realized this might be a factor when I did a long skinny scarf for The Sister out of the same damn yarn and I felt it getting longer?? Apparently that would have been a good time to apply the laws of physics to a knitted object.
I logged on to the knitty pattern that I did for her hat and am thinking about doing the same braided cables but on a scarf. Now I'm thinking about multiplying the st count by three to make a decent width-ed scarf and one that would exactly match the hat. Somehow that pattern has gotten shoved to the bottom of the knitting bag while the first Debbie Bliss sock is getting closer and closer to getting finished...

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