Friday, May 05, 2006

"Well Honey, He's Not Going to Eat YOU..."

So we were sitting down to dinner and Ken, very nonchalantly, says, "Oh look, there's a gator in the water". No one was alarmed. NO ONE. They were just sitting there, eating their food, and an ALLIGATOR was there, waiting... watching... planning... plotting...
I watched "Igor" all during dinner. (Laura is not very chatty). There he was... waiting... watching... planning... plotting... Very wiley those gators. Then, at the end of a very long dinner, there was ANOTHER ONE. ANOTHER ALLIGATOR WAS IN THE POND. Only this one was done with the watitingwatchingplanningandplotting. He was ready to do the pouncing and eating. He rose out of the water and then stayed on the bank having his dinner. This all happened when the waitress brought the check. I'm pretty sure I was hyperventilating at this point and had grabbed Ken's arm. The waitress turned to a patron that was leaving the restaurant and said, "I'll see y'all later, we're just watching the gator eat." WE'RE JUST WATCHING THE GATOR EAT. That's what she said. WE'RE JUST WATCHING THE GATOR EAT. She looked at me having an apopoleptic fit and said, "well Honey, he's not gonna eat YOU."
Welcome to the South Y'all.

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